Currently, the best rug pad is the Grip-It Duo-Lock. I'm allergic to dust mites so I vacuum 2-3 times a week with DYSON vacuum to keep my environment safe for me. We use professional cleaning services occasionally too, and were pleased when the recent pro complimented our carpet as holding up very well under the circumstances. So when this product came out we gave it a try to see if it actually worked. So when it’s time to pick your next carpeting, don’t forget to pick out the best carpet padding for you. We chose a mass market dog-dirt-brown low pile carpet which is supposed to be made of recycled plastic bottles. We recommend a Stainmaster undercushion that has a thin plastic type sheeting on the top that prevents pet (and people) accidents from soaking into the pad and subfloor, and this particular type also contains an enzyme that breaks down pet urine and prevents it from getting smelly. How to Pick Carpet Pad. You clean the stain and a few weeks later it is back. It needs to be remedied. Stainmaster 7/16" 8 LB Pad . (again, why does it seem that houses over 1+ million has super soft padding that feel thick and luxurious). Carpet padding is normally made from three basic material categories like rubber, foam or fiber. I’m just saying it’s not comfortable to me. And considering that ground water is limitless, there is no way to "dry" out a slab that way. I am very happy with my choice. The old padding, is FOAM, and 10 times softer when walking with shoes or socks... My old padding is FOAM. Benefits. I have four dogs (choice) and carpet in most of my house (not a choice). The new padding is 8lb rebond and hard as a rock compared to the foam…. Spent what I thought was ALOT on one for under my Odegard area carpet in my whitewashed wood floor dining room. DuraPlush® foam technology adds superior cushioning and a rich fullness to your carpet I had to look under mine to see, and yep, FOAM PADDING. These include: Leggett & Platt Duraplush; Mohawk SmartCushion; Healthier Choice With a combination memory foam and rebond (recycled foam) you will get more of that squishy feeling under foot if that's more comfy to you. Tile and no rugs would be my advice. 180.00 . The most noticeable spot is along one of the living room walls where I decided I did not want any furniture. The DuraPlush Logo Mat is made of commercial grade, cut pile carpet top and withstands medium to high foot traffic. Please test for moisture (there are 4 seperate tests for this...2 are simple the others require machines to do the testing) before choosing your flooring. The mitigation company tore out only part of the pad -left the middle part of the damp pad and the carpet- in the room with fans blowing on it. Please complete the fields below, and we’ll forward your friend an email with a link to this page. The off-gass of cushions is something to think about. So, I’m convinced I need to have the current 8lb rebond padding ripped out as again, it’s hard as a rock. New . 0 Comment. Below are some of the many types of carpet pads we offer. All our carpet is soft when you walk on it, with our foam padding. Helene, do you have anyone who could intervene for you with your insurance company? I will be waiting to see what brand of carpet padding is the best since we will be replacing our carpet next year. Our design consultants are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer, and our expert installation team is professionally trained to make sure everything gets installed the way you envision. DuraPlush® foam technology adds superior cushioning and a rich fullness to your carpet If you had to tell someone what kind of carpet padding to spend their hard earned dollars on, which would you recommend? Comfort and Durability. Sq Ft Per Roll. If she had an accident it didn't soak into the pad and subfloor and we could clean it up and not have any stinky smell! After a long day you take your shoes off and go into your family room, walking on wood floors as you go, then your new padding is almost as hard at your wood floors. We will be changing it! Now guests get their own key, Know the right solutions and when to use them to prevent stains from pets, soda, chocolate, blood and more, Carpeting adds a layer of warmth and softness to a space. At Avalon Flooring, we want to make sure you’re happy from your first step in our showroom to your first step on your new flooring—and as your partner in home design, we’ll be there every step along the way. In fact, the best padding for a particular carpet may provide less foot comfort than an inferior one. Avalon Flooring Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I love it! Share your experience! I'm learning a lot here, and foam is SOFT and rebond for us is the enemy! Many homeowners think this is the whole point of the carpet pad, but it’s not. The previous owners of this house put down a very light carpet (creamy white) and it shows everything plus my son and I have accidentally dropped paint on this carpet while painting the entryway, living room, and dining room and we can't get all of the paint out of the carpet! STAINMASTER 12.7mm Foam Carpet Padding with Moisture Barrier. It has been easy to clean, smelled great and looked like brand new. They both go hand-in-hand and while it’s generally unseen, it’s a vital part of your floors. It looks nice but it's an 8lb pad and it's not soft or cushy at all. The thicker the synthetic fiber cushion, the more comfort it will provide; but synthetic fiber is going to be a firm cushion. Thanks for all of the info regarding carpet padding! Give your carpet the ultimate in comfort with Monterey®, a premium carpet cushion designed to help insulate, protect, and reduce noise from underfoot in the home. Instead, they may opt to have the installer glue together two layers of pad to gain the same result. Regular care. Overall, this carpet pad is a very good buy, and overall, the majority of reviews are good. Warranty. Firmer pads provide better support for your carpet, meaning lower chance of wrinkles to form. There’s something about plush soft carpet that is incredibly comforting and reassuring. If you have any questions, please email us. The current version of the old horse hair pad is synthetic fiber; usually nylon fiber. This is an old post, but still of interest. Just because you can’t see the cushion under your carpet doesn’t mean it isn’t working hard to help keep your carpet clean, cushy, and odor free. SO, my question is, what do all these super expensive houses have carpet that melts under your feel, super nice feel when walking on it? This is what you want. With our unique in house printing method the raised lettering effect produces a sharp and vibrant logo definition. Deviating can shorten the life of a carpet. I like that when I know I am going to shampoo the rugs down the road.. The comment about a trampolline like bounce is a big exaggeration. Do they carry that actual brand or something rebadged under their name that's similar? I have been a manufacturer sales representative for carpet pad for almost 20 years. The current pad in my home is the Healthy Choice style pad. There are three different types of foam pads: Prime polyurethane foam is a firmer version of the same foam that’s found in upholstered furniture, mattresses and even in car seats. Secondly, for heavy weight furniture you can purchase clear foot guards which are barely visible that are made for prevention of dents. Or a different dog? So my question is, in upstairs rooms with little kids running around, I wanted to add some sound deadening under the carpet/pad so I do not hear the loud thumbing all the time downstairs. Ask him to give you a price to install carpet and pad per sq foot . Not sure what the depreciation would be on carpet and pad after 14 years, but the fact that they aren't totally removing all of the carpet and pad, when mold is a far greater danger and cost after any water damage is a real red flag! Your carpet’s worst enemy is dirt, so vacuum often. I was surprised that they did not carry both the carpet and the pad away to dry out the sub flooring..They were covered in about an inch of clean water and it took almost a week dry for the carpet to dry out and the pad is still damp. It depends on the type of carpet you are installing. Here is a link ; LifeGuard Carpet by Shaw. BUT, rebond cushions often contain re-cycled foam, some of this is recycled from old carpet pad. Benefits Comfort and Durability. Rubber pads come in different thicknesses, so you can select which thickness you prefer. It’s horrible to me. Don't remember what we had put down, I just remember being told that even cheap carpet will last a long time with good padding under it. RUG PAD - Keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during … StainMaster Select Pad So, to help keep up with that demand, a new material was used–the jute plant, which had a similar feel to cattle hair. Typical Cost for a 6 to 8-pound density Rebond pad is about $3.50 - $5.50 per square yard or about 39 to 45 cents per square foot. 46 Fiber Cushion: This carpet padding is used primarily to take advantage of scrap fiber and promote environmental stewardships. Some impressions can be lifted with a steaming. This padding is super super hard, almost as hard as the wood floors before it! I called the company and asked for who makes the padding and they said scotchguard only makes that top cover that’s on it. All in one place! Rebond pad is a much more economical choice and it does a great job at supporting your carpet as long the correct thickness and density is selected. THAT IS SERIOUS moisture! Your friend will not be added to our email list unless they personally choose to sign up. Just had carpet installed and clearly did not do my homework on this one. Carpet feels thick and I know it’s not the carpet, it must be high end padding. It IS the carpet. Here is picture: Otherwise, a pad can be trimmed with a utility knife and a large straightedge. Not only is this a good match for your carpet, Mohawk also donates a portion of every one of its pink SmartCushion purchases to the Susan G. Komen foundation for their ongoing cancer research. Durkan today the durkan running line by mohawk group the durkan running line by mohawk group durkan patterns mohawk group. Beware of high dollar, non-slip thin rubber pads for area carpets. New carpet is an appealing feature in a real estate investment, and carpet padding should never be overlooked when choosing and installing carpet. In the US I have used Tredmor padding for wall to wall with much success over the years. Carpet padding is an often overlooked, but very important part of any wall-to-wall carpeting project. I personally like the feel of the 6lb density, but in tearouts the 8 lb density holds up a lot better. There are three different types of foam pads: There are two types of rubber carpet pads: Fiber, unlike foam and rubber pads, uses existing fibers, which are interlocked into a useful sheet of felt. Pleas dont let anyone talk you into synthetic fiber, Stay with Nylon. There are two basic types of fiber carpet pads: Well, a certain type, thickness and density of padding is required by every carpet manufacturer to maintain your carpet warranty and its fresh feel. (They contain tiny little footed prongs on their bottom.). A rug-pad company can trim the pad for you in many cases. four bedrooms) back in 2004. Please note that we offer none thicker than 7/16' thick. One carpet place said "Pad is good enough". The "pet padding" has made the difference though. Without padding under the carpet, the cold is going to come right throught the carpet. What type of carpet and padding for a finished basement? They are saying the pad can be replaced for 51 c per sq foot and recommending just cleaning instead of replacing the carpet..The pad was the absolute top of the line, was spill proof, and spongy, not recycled stuff, with a fabric top and bottom to it. Rather than steaming carpet to ease out dunts left by heavy furniture , which is an issue particularly if it's wool (wool shrinks when you combine wool+water+heat, plus it isn't always colourfast), simply leave an ice-cube to melt, ideally slowly, on the offending dent. The padding they used was 8lb pad 1/2″ with pet block scotch guard on top. Def insist it all comes out or get some help. The plastic prevents the moisture from attaching/getting into flooring/walls/etc. Ask our sales professionals which particular underlayment is right for your application. This is a good option for rugs and wall-to-wall carpet. . It's cheap carpet on these basement steps,, but the foam makes it's super soft on your feet and shoes. Selecting the best carpet padding for your home may not be as much fun as choosing from the wide selection of indoor carpet colors and styles, but what's underneath your carpet is equally important. Does sitting in water degrade or "delaminate" wool such that I should urge the insurance co. replace it? I re-carpeted the living room and dining room in September. The downside is, some people do not like the firmness of the pad. There are many types of carpet out there, which makes it hard to remember the specific names and details of each. It's easy to scoop up the mess and treat the spot with OUT for a total clean up. For standard nylon and poly carpets the most common is chip foam (recycled foam mostly from the furniture industry). LOL), but more comfortable than the rebond! Does anyone have any suggestions? When you prevent moisture from getting into the flooring, you prevent mould growth/spores from entering your breathable air. I did see it priced very HIGH from one carpet store, so just be aware. When you walk on "super luxury" you are walking on a plush wool. Generally if you are installing a wool carpet the manufacturers recommend a rubber underpad. The new LifeGuard Carpet has a Thermoplastic backing and pet urine can not penetrate past it, this really is the answer pet owners have been looking for. We had to do a quick and unanticipated complete carpet replacement when we bought this house in 2010 because no amount of cleaning would get rid of the cat dander which was making me sick. Even though the tan Berber has been great, do you think it looks dated? The carpet is a medium grade laid over a Temperpedic memory foam pad. Carpet pad serves a variety of other helpful purposes: Earlier carpet pads were made out of cattle hair, which was a by-product of the leather tanning trade back in the day. We pulled the carpet back in the area, removed the old pad, cleaned the subfloor, and replaced that area with this Stainmaster product and made such a difference. Lots of places carry it - Home Depot for one. We had an old dog that had health issues and kept having accidents in one particular spot, it was not her fault as it was from her illness and medication, but even with steam cleaning we could not get the smell out. These fibers are needle punched together, interwoven to create a fiber pad. I order carpeting from the mills in Georgia, and I have an installer, he gets me the pad, as you don't want to pay to ship a pad. Dollars restricts my choice of flooring. Spills happen, whether it's an oops by a dog, coffee by hubby, tea by me, juice or chocolate milk by a grandchild, a leaking potted plant. Most broadloom carpet has a recommended padding, unique to the carpet material and backing. Menards advertises hypoallergenic carpet by Shaw. Keep the padding quality as high as you can afford, and keep it dense (not poofy). There is a lot of miss-information in the comments here. The best value for you dollar when it comes to carpet padding is a combination rebond and memory foam 8lb pad with a moisture barrier. I don't believe it's all the carpets fault, as again, I put my carpet over the different types of padding on a hard surface to test it. Will also try to show them the mohawk as well. We rent an extractor type machine and clean the whole house regularly. In fact, the higher the quality of the carpet cushion, the more comfortable that your carpet … … If you have heated concrete in your basement a rubber pad is necessary. It also provides thermal insulation. All cushions will off-gass to a certain degree because most all of them are going to be urethane or some sort of plastic. A great pad won't help or improve cheap carpet, but a cheap pad can age a very good quality carpet, and quickly. Mohawk SmartCushion I would do vinyl plank with area rugs that can be pulled up quickly if you have a water issue. When we had our house built, we chose a high end white wool berber for our formal living room. Choosing the right carpet padding is super-important, because your family’s comfort and your carpet’s durability depend on it. Worst mistake ever. My original post was referring to my parents house and that new padding they put in which was 8lb rebond that we think is horrible. Then as WWII ended, rubber sponge was introduced. I would appreciate knowing where to find that top of the line Karastan pad again and any other thoughts you may have on this topic. The wide range of features and benefits makes it a great option underfoot. I have not yet found anything similar to it while hunting around online, in an attempt to get a price point to communicate to the mitigation company.. A carpet pad makes cleaning your carpet more efficient. Just moved and SURPRISE my whitewashed wood floor is now a sunny shade of yellow!!! Wish there was something I could do but I guess we're stuck. If you have THAT MUCH moisture that it pools heavily under the plastic (enough to allow mould growth) you have a SERIOUS problem and the plastic ain't gonna cut it! You can steam carpet pad and remove the dents, but I guarantee if you move that piece back or try and remove one that has furniture on it for a long time it will not come out. That is almost a guarantee. I'm not aware of anything soaking through and smells are not a problem as they have been in the past. Several family members are severely allergic to mold and that is a constant problem in the area in which we live. So I guess this is just a word of warning to help others but do your research!!!! Long story short - I recommend a synthetic fiber pad. This is also a "green" choice because it is fully recyclable. So we went back to single padding and made knee pads and elbow bumpers with the second, unused layer of padding. Sq Ft Needed: Roll Size ... Flooring Reviews Installation … Hypoallergenic Carpet Padding. Keep us posted. Memory Foam Carpet Pad Memory foam carpet pads are essentially frothed foam, but with an extra element added to give it that signature memory foam feel. Lowes sells Mohawk SmartStrand carpet, as does Sears. It's nice to have choices, though some are made reluctantly. The memory foam adds resiliency and the moisture barrier will prevent any spills from getting to your subfloor. Google it for info. Please fill out this form and one of our sales associates will be in touch to discuss your project and more specific details of this product with you. The Grade of Padding you select must MATCH the Grade of Carpet you select. I ordered 1500 SF of this carpet pad and we LOVE IT, feels amazing, just the right amount of softness and firmness, 100% no-VOC and NO OFF GASSING. Long story short I had similar water issue last month. A rug pad is usually going to be different from a carpet pad. The heat will transfer nicely through the pad up to the surface of the carpet. Also, I do not know of a wool pad. And H.Depot refused to place carpet without replacing pad. I installed top of the line, Karastan carpet pad under some awesome, beige, woolen Karastan Berber wall-to-wall carpet (a ton of it -. Carpet padding is also rated by its density. It does go on sale once in a while. Nice to hear. Duraplush Carpet Pad Reviews! Consider us your “One-Stop Shopping” destination for all things flooring…(and window treatments)! This rebonded carpet underlayment is made from recycled material, giving you a low cost but functional product that is made to last. Didn’t have to ask. A sound deadening … Healthier Choice is it's own brand (there may be knock offs, of course), but I have seen the price vary some. Let Ok, I’ve been in many multi-million dollar houses and everytime I’m in a house like this that has carpet, and when I step on it it’s super super soft and you sink in and it feels incredible on your feet. It's a hard working carpet and everything has held up well. © 2020 Avalon Flooring, All rights reserved. (photos encouraged). It also helps the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic. Choosing a padding that’s too thick can cause wrinkles in your carpet. First, the photo shows what appears to be a rug. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we’re here to make sure you’ll be proud of it for years to come. As someone mentioned, the ice cube application works in most cases (the suction of a vacuum cleaner during the process helps) however I have found if you also rub the dent with a back of the spoon it will usually solve the problem. It is a cycle that must be broken. It’s just a shame these places today don’t tell you this and just tell you to get 8lb rebond. Leggett and Platt Pads Pick a rug pad size that matches the area rug. The polypropylene carpet top is fade / UV and rot resistant suitable for medium to high foot traffic. I once had a client have a basement that was "dry" (her words) but she admitted she couldn't leave anything on the floor because "it would go mouldy" inside of 1 month. For every square yard purchased, Shaw donates $0.18 to St. Jude's Children hospital. It's seen children to adults, grandchildren, lots of pets, spills/accidents, a seeping mini-flood in the living room, etc. Maybe a little "bad press" for that insurance company here would be some incentive (hint, hint). Evaporation is what causes more moisture to escape. When something spills on your carpet, that spill goes into the pad. For the most part, you get what you pay for with carpet and a cheap carpet is just that - cheap. The store will likely have to contact the pad manufacturer for this information, but it is available. However, the 8 pound density provides better support for carpeting and will make it wear better especially in high traffic areas. Some more so than others. We decided to use a very thick pad as recommended by the salesman. PERFECT FIT - For rug sizes up to 8\' X 10\' actual pad size approx 90" X 116" and can be easaly cut if needed to fit any non standard sized rug. I do not like the trampoline like bounce sensation of foam padding. Let’s compare carpet and padding to a bridge.Both bridges and carpet have to hold up to traffic whether its cars or feet. Cattle hair was such a resilient and durable material, which is what made it become very limited from the 30’s-50’s when the demand of tufted carpets grew so much. Need advice for carpet pad and carpet type-Dixie Home True Comfort. The manufacturing process for rebond pad involves high heat, which may kill any germs from old pad, but I used rebond in my house once and the odor after install was strong and it lasted for about two weeks. If your house hold has pets that pee on the carpet and guests who spill copious amounts of red wine so a moisture barrier is needed, etc I do not see the wisdom of carpets at all. My old padding was 20 years old but I took a carpet sample and layed it overtop my old padding and did the same thing with the new padding, and it’s super super hard, not comfortable at all when walking on it. StainMaster carpet cushion features a great breathable moisture barrier that helps keep many common household spills, whether they’re from pets or drink spills, from soaking through the carpet and into the cushion and subfloor in your home. Here's what to know about today's materials, costs and trends, My Houzz: Buried Treasure in an Eclectic Bachelor Pad, Prevent Slips and Floor Damage With the Right Rug Pad, My Houzz: Groovy 1970s Retro Pad in Los Angeles, Houzz Tour: Coffee and World Travel Inspire a Bachelor Pad, Guest Picks: Hippie-Chic Style for Today's Pads, New Sophistication for a Connecticut Bachelor Pad, Neighboring Studio Becomes a Crash Pad for Guests, Out, Darn Spot! If you use a rebond pad on heated concrete, it will most likely trap the heat under the carpet. We have a variety of brands that you can easily choose from. The Duraplush Logo Mat is an all purpose mat with UV stabilised carpet ensuring it won't rot or fade. This is especially more important for upstairs rooms, but even in a basement, a pad reduces sound more than just a carpet by itself. I have been a manufacturer sales representative for carpet pad for almost 20 years. The pet is the problem, not the floor. If you are doing wall to wall, and the padding needs to be cut, have the installer “duck” tape the seams. But what about the odd aroma that tends to come with it? The higher the density, the firmer it will feel. And think twice about the free pad offered by carpet retailers: Some retailers order padding by the truckload and push only one kind [source: Long's Carpet].Decide on the pad you want and ask the … HIGH QUALITY - Carpet pad won't stain your floors.

duraplush carpet pad reviews

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