Hospitality Studies Sem – VI, 4.198 T.Y.B.Sc. in Philosophy Sem – V & VI a.y. Electrical Technology Electrical Technology No change in contents 3. 4.1 regarding Ordinances No. Home Science, 4.14 revised syllabus M.Sc. I) Paper- I Micro Economics – I w.e.f. Botany Paper -III Sem -III a.y. in Digital business Management Sem III & IV, 4.36 Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management, 4.91 Master of Management Systme (MMS) – Sem I and II, 4.34 (A) Elective Negotiation & Selling – Sem I, 4.286 JBIMS – Master of Management Studies (MMS) Sem I to IV (Recovered), 4.287 Master of Management Studies (MMS) – Sem III-IV, 4.288 Masters in Agri Business Management, 4.289 Master in Susrainable Development & Environment Management, 4.291 Master in Global Financial Management, 4.294 Master in Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations, 4.295 Master In Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching, 4.289 Master in Susrainable  Development & Environment Management, Item No. Inorganic Chemistry-3 Units, 4.41 T.Y.B.Sc. 2017-18, 4.200 T.Y.B.Sc. 2017-18, 4.244 S.Y.B.A. Take the complete view of the MU New FY, SY, TY UG/PG New Syllabus to know the compete course structure and concepts prescribed by the university to learn throughout the year. (Actuarial Studies) sem I to VI a.y. Course in German (A1 level), 4.31 Diploma in Appreciation of Urdu Ghazal, 4.29 Revised syllabus of Certificate Course in Hindi Translation, 4.6 Advanced Diploma in Communicative Marathi Level 5, 4.30 Certificate Course in Urdu Calligraphy, 4.5 A Certificate Course in Hindi for Foreigners, 4.4 Post Graduate Translation Diploma – Hindi  30.03.2019, Item no.4.28 Advance Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana, Item no.4.27 regarding Diploma in Buddhist Studies & Vipassana, 4.8 Revised syllabus of Advanced Diploma in French, AC – 16.2.18 -4.1 PG Diploma in Auditory Verbal Therapy (PGDAVT) Course- (1), 4.29 Amendment of O.5928 relating to the Title of Certificate Course in Indian Aesthetics, 4.15 Diploma Course in Dance (Odissi) New Course, 4.16 Advance Diploma Course in Dance (Odissi) New Course, 4.29 P. G. Diploma in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), 4.23 Advanced Diploma in Communicative Marathi Level III, 4.2 Revised Syllabus of Diploma in Social Work, 4.26 Amendment of O.5932 relating to the elegibility criteria of Certificate Course in Philosophy of Communal Harmony and Social Peace, One Year Part-time Course for the Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana, One Year Part-time Advance Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana Theory and Practice, Short Term Certificate Course in Chinese Mandrian (HSK 1 & 6), 4.24 Revised syllabus Diploma course in aviation & safety, 4.68 One Year Diploma in Pariyatti and Patipatti, 4.67 One Year Advanced Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies : Vipassana Theory and Practice, 4.66 Two Year Post Graduate Advanced Diploma Course in Pali, 4.65 Post Graduate Diploma Course inComparative Mythology, M.A. Course in Travel and Tourism Management and B.Voc. III & IV), 4.11 SYBA PHILOSOPHY Comparative Religion (Applied Component) (2017-18), 4.52 regarding revised syllabus for S.Y.B.A.applied component gandhian thought, 4.11 regarding revised syllabus for S.Y.B.A. Islamic Studies (TYBA-CBCS) SEM-V and VI, 4.17 T.Y.B.A. Ancient Indian Culture (AIC) sem – I & II a.y. 4.23 A.C. meeting dated 5th May, 2018 The Ordinance 6452 & 6453 Regulations 9183 to 9186 and the Syllabus as per (CBCS) for the Diploma Course in Airport Operation has been introduced w.e.f. Sem III & IV, 4.88 S.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.300 Bachelors in Visual Effects (VFX) sem – I to VI a.y. 2017-18, 4.58 T.Y.B.A. in German Studies a.y.2019-20, Circular No. 2019-20. Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), 4.137 PG Advanced Diploma Course in Sanskrit a.y. 4.26 the revised syllabus as per the (CBCS) for the M.A. in Persian – Sem V & VI, Circular No. V & VI) in Ancient Indian Culture, Circular No. Circular No. in Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. 2017-18, Item no.2.1 Equivalence/alternate subjects as per the guidelines for exam. 4.29 regarding M.E. III to IV) a.y. in Rural Development (Sem. ... Q.1 will be compulsory, based on entire syllabus wherein sub questions of 2 to 3 marks will be asked.

engineering mathematics 3 syllabus mumbai university

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