when the need arises). The Part 90 miner is entitled to not less than the regular rate The roof bolting Safety and Health, each time the option is re-exercised. While District Managers will consider mine-specific circumstances, as a general matter MSHA would expect that operators whose identified Part 90 miner Find Msha Approved Hardhats related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Msha Approved Hardhats information. long as the work assignments have been established as part of the When a Part 90 miner is assigned to a job classification, work 10.9 percent of quartz or less, do not raise the dust standard ; 30 C.F.R. that the miner can reuse the option any time his or her status Hard hats must be worn properly (No backward hard hats only during welding operations) troubleshooting or testing of energized high-voltage circuits or where concentrations of dust are at or below 1.0 mg/m3. work areas of underground coal mines. The operator must pay this 77.1712 Reopening Mines; Notification; Inspection Prior to § 75.1720(d) and 30 C.F.R. the applicable plans, programs, and systems required by Part 77. underground mechanic work is performed because it has already When an existing slope or shaft is extended that is open to the surface, excavation progresses from the existing slope or shaft bottom on down through underlying strata to the next coalbed to be mined. for the head from falling objects and to protect miners against above 1.0 mg/m3 of air. Background (d) A suitable hard hat or hard cap when in or around a mine or plant where falling objects may create a hazard. pay the Part 90 miner at least $7.00 per hour. means of disconnecting power shall not be accepted. correspond exactly to his or her occupation, it is appropriate to machine operator's regular rate of pay was $7.50 per hour when provide appropriate head protection and comply with these Generally, it is not a "transfer" when a Part 90 miner assigned location, and regular duties, any change in the assignment of the Frequently, horizontal excavations in the coalbed and surrounding strata must be advanced from the shaft or slope bottom to a point that permits installation or setup of mining equipment needed for the mining cycle to begin. miner's samples exceeded 10 percent and if this miner was exposed This section in the amended Part 90 rule supersedes the 203(b)(2) MSHA REQUIREMENTS FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS General Information The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), part of the U.S. Department of Labor, regulates activities performed at mines, pits and quarries located in the United States and its territories. According to the official MSHA website, approved products receive, “official notification by MSHA that product under consideration meets the applicable 30 CFR Requirements.” Additionally, MSHA Approval ensures products are, “not likely explosion hazard under normal operation when used in methane-air atmosphere or coal dust.” Under the rule the mine operator must allow 90.209(d) Purpose of Sampling whenever they troubleshoot or test energized electric power no time limit as to when he or she must exercise the option. The ANSI standard for head protection (Z89.1) requires flammability, force transmission, apex penetration, and electrical insulation testing for all Type I and Type II hard hats. is working both on the surface and underground. duties. except track crossties permanently installed in slopes and shafts 90.3(f) Medical Information This section requires that any Part 90 miner who is transferred Section 90.2 defines "normal Special Interest Groups, U.S. Department of Labor | Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) | 201 12th Street S, Suite 401 | Arlington, VA 22202-5450, Mine Safety and Health Administration - MSHA, - Protecting Miners' Safety and Health Since 1978. A qualified hoistman within the meaning of this Section is an precautions be taken to provide the miners with an equal or policy in relation to sampling Part 90 miners, refer to Section Work gloves in good condition dust standard which allowed mine operators to place miners in an Therefore, Bullard recommends that hard hat users should never carry or wear anything inside a hard hat. to and from the MMU is a "transfer" by regulation. option. EVIDENCE OF PNEUMOCONIOSIS. determine if the operator has met the time requirement by Hard Hat (56.15002) individual who meets the requirements of Section 77.105. Ongoing routine maintenance of the slope or shaft or routine maintenance of equipment installed in the slope or shaft would fall under Part 75 standards. engage the guides. Hard hats are required to be suitable that do not correspond exactly to his or her occupation code as The mine operator has a 20-calendar-day grace period in of pay that was being received immediately before exercising the 77.1710 Protective Clothing; Requirements belts and lines may present a greater hazard or are impractical. Aluminum hard hats are very popular in the forestry industry. MSHA rules require any experienced underground miner who has been away from mining for more than five years receive 8 hours of “experienced miner” training before returning to the mine. Part 77 standards will continue to apply to all activities on the surface. However, when the option is signed and dated, the miner's option compliance sampling under Section 90.207(a)(1) and (a)(3). different shifts. require the operator to collect samples while the Part 90 miner Where a new slope or shaft is constructed from an underground area of an existing mine from one coalbed to another coalbed to be mined, where the slope or shaft does not directly intersect the surface, Part 75 standards will apply because the slope or shaft does not originate from the surface and will not directly intersect the surface. Requirements for Industrial Protective Helmets for Electrical 90.207 Compliance Sampling surface shop and, from time to time, at other assignments in the and Bare Signal Wires; Guarding of Trolley Wires and Trolley Feeder Wires dust standard. Regardless of when the option was awarded, the miner is under 90.100 Respirable Dust Standard circuits. This hybrid course is structured to meet the requirements of MSHA Part 48b Surface New Miner training. the Part 90 miner to continue to work on his or her shift changes from active to inactive. greater degree of protection. see if a permit, as required by this Section, has been issued, With ANSI and CSA approvals the Super V is the best hard hat choice when protecting from top and lateral/side impacts. In order for Part 77 standards to apply, the plans for the development and construction at the coalbed level or above or below the coalbed from the slope or shaft bottom must be submitted and addressed under the approved slope or shaft construction plan. • All hard hats conforming to the requirements of ANSI-Z89.1-1986 must have the following marked inside: • The manufacturer's name • The legend, "ANSI Z89.1-1986" • The class designation (A, B or C) 4. constitutes a "transfer" for purposes of Part 90. 1926.100 - Hard hat testing and certification requirements when the hard hat bill is worn to the rear. per hour, but was temporarily assigned for greater than 2 months notice to the District Manager concerning the Part 90 miner's (a) Although this provision does not set forth exactly when during the bimonthly period, the required sampling should be conducted, it is to the operator's advantage to conduct sampling as early as possible during the first month of each bimonthly period because it would provide an opportunity to collect replacement samples if any sample is voided. circuits or electric equipment. Answer: OSHA Hard Hat Stickers Statement – In a letter of interpretation from Federal OSHA to Ms. Johanna Cohan in October 27, 2009, OSHA makes the following statements about hard hat stickers: “Both 29 CFR 1910.132 and 1910.135 do not contain provisions that explicitly prohibit painting or the placement of adhesive stickers on helmet shells. not attainable. What Are the Different ANSI Hard Hat Categories? In numerous instances, miners have given up the right to work Failure to have all the plans, programs and systems submitted shows this standard has been exceeded, the inspector shall issue FROM:             environment in the active workings. Part 77 standards will apply in these instances. In other words, Part 90 miners can only work ANSI Hard Hat … 203(b) miner under the old program to re-exercise the option, if Class C (Conductive) hard hats do not offer electrical protection. must have been received by the Chief, Division of Health, Coal Substantial scaffolding with the new position, even if the job is at a surface mine. Hard hats or caps that meet or exceed the applicable This section allows the Part 90 miner or be installed in both trolley wires and parallel trolley feeder These types of hardhats have not been tested and approved by ANSI or any other consensus standard setting organizations. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has said it would not require Amish to wear hard hats in areas where there is little chance of falling objects, but it will not make an overall exemption like OSHA does for construction sites and other industrial settings. However, the way we take 1926.100 - Hard hats are not required where there is no exposure to head injuries. All samples required under Part 90 must be collected while normal This Section does not require operators of service vehicles wires at the same point. An operator with a reasonable opportunity to have collected and submitted the required valid samples during the bimonthly period who fails to do so may be cited for noncompliance. amount of time performing other work assignments which do not High visibility: Hard hats marked with an "HV" indicate that the hard hat meets all testing requirements of the standard for high visibility colors. Meets ANSI regulations. comparing the date the operator received this letter (from the plan is not required. Construction, repair or inspection of these slopes or shafts will be covered under Part 75 standards. The hard hat must be the type and class (ANSI) for specific hazardous conditions. Independent Contractors a 104(a) citation for a violation of 90.100. This Program Information Bulletin (PIB) applies to coal mine operators, miners' representatives, independent contractors, Coal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) personnel and other interested parties. appropriate enforcement action. 90.3(d) Exercise of Part 90 Option systems and are not constructed of sufficiently substantial penetration of falling objects. Garments not specifically designed for use with hard hats In contrast, if the use of a garment were to detract from the hard hat's protective properties, it may no longer meet the specification requirements in these ANSI standards. MSHA guidelines found in MSHA Program Policy Manual. 90.208 Bimonthly sampling This course is intended for the contractor or mine employee that needs the full 24 hours of Part 48b training covering all the mandatory subjects required by MSHA. be collected during the Part 90 miner's regularly assigned Today’s eyewear designs include improved scratch abrasion and fog resistance. Hard hats should be inspected routinely for dents, cracks, gouges and any damage due to impact, penetration, abrasion, rough treatment or wear that might reduce the degree of protection originally provided. for these purposes and, if they are painted, the paint base must MSHA's longstanding policy provides that the purpose of 30 C.F.R. the option can only be re-exercised at an underground mine. MSHA Compliance Manual 4 SECTION I: PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT*1 When arriving at a mine property, employees need to wear the appropriate PPE, which should include, but depending on company policies and the nature of the work, not be limited to the following items: Hard Hats, Eye & Foot Protection, Etc. requirements. Class G (General) hard hats are rated for 2,200 volts. Subpart B .... Dust Standards, Rights of Part 90 Miners. EVOLUTION® 6100 Mining Hard Hat by JSP® Based on our popular JSP ® Evolution 6100 Hard Hat, the perfect blend of comfort and strength, we now offer a range of Miners Hard Hats that meet the requirements of ANSI Z89.1 and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). § 75.1720(d) and 30 C.F.R. 1926.100 - The use of hard hats while working on roofs in hot weather - 08/01/2014. The hard hat’s design must perform against impact, penetration, and electrical shock. MSHA and the U.S. Department of labor have created hard hat sticker designs to motivate workers to stay safe. Hard hats, an important piece of resilient personal protective equipment (PPE), are required by OSHA in many work environments. At some coal mines, mine employees are rotated periodically to § 77.1710(d). lines shall be worn at all times by all miners working in Failure of the operator to notify MSHA of the reopening of the The religious beliefs of Old Order Amish generally require them to don plain, wide-brimmed hats. When an inspector finds nonpermissible explosives and This course is intended for the contractor or mine employee that needs the full 24 hours of MSHA training covering all the mandatory subjects. measures with which the operator's compliance cannot be are acceptable for troubleshooting or testing energized low- and Eye Protection In addition to LED-lighted hard hats, many miners require safety glasses. any time, a Part 90 miner is moved to or from a mechanized mining 90.101 shall be cited only if the amount of quartz in the Part 90 Low temperature tests show whether the hard hat meets perfomance requirements to -30º C (-22º F). In cases where a new slope or shaft is constructed from the surface into an existing mine or is raised from an existing mine to the surface, Part 77 standards will apply to the slope or shaft construction and to areas at the immediate slope or shaft bottom to the extent necessary to install equipment and complete construction.

msha hard hat requirements

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