I put together a little 'video' consisting of existing still frames of the hotel construction. It is taken looking east, across Corcoran Street, and shows the detailed cornice and finials. The Washington Duke was, however, segregated up until the 1960s. It's an eyesore, and whatever Perry wants to put in its place is bound to be an improvement. (Courtesy Durham County Library). Similarly, the Jack Tar Hotel project would also involve the rehabilitation of a contributing building that is part of the Downtown Durham Historic District. (Also an addition since 2006.). If anyone has any historic-related use for it, or would like a photo of it, please contact me through the Radiosonde Museum of North America. I agree - you could relax in your lounge chair and gaze out on the miles of brick beach below. BEER ——————————— D R A F T Trophy Rotating 5 App Mountain Blond 5 Thanks. They almost cut a deal with, of all things, the Boy Scouts of America, to use it as a national convention center of sorts--but the cost of fixing it up was too much. 202-204 N. Corcoran and 206-210 Corcoran (the Hackney Block) took up about half the street frontage of Corcoran Street between Parrish and Chapel Hill Street. This building is primarily Ronnie Sturdivant's homage to Oprah now. On far right is Rose Furniture Company, then Ferrell's Watch Hospital, then North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company/Mechanics and Farmers Bank (building with balconies), on north side of West Parrish Street, 1965. Note in particular the skybridge that connects the new motel with the Washington Duke Hotel, directly west across Corcoran. Please give me a call. Looking north from Corcoran and Parrish, December 2006. I really hope someone can 'educate' the new owners on the possibilities.. Thanks for your comment. I cringe every time I look at that ugly "motel." Stokes Hall, at Corcoran and West Main Sts., had provided both performance and meeting space prior to the construction of the Academy of Music (including courtroom space prior to the construction of the courthouse,) but no longer operated after the opening of the new building. If that hypothetical building had the requisite first floor activity, it might create the kind of tight, active enclosure that feeds public spaces. Free WiFi. As Mr. Bradsher recalls: "They tried to sell it repeatedly...It just needed too much repair work (asbestos, etc.). New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/13/business/real-estate-hotel-boutique-m...) Photographer: Kate Medley. By the late 1960s, the remaining older structures on the southeast corner of Corcoran and East Chapel Hill would be demolished as well, and the Jack Tar Motel would expand to take up the entire block face between Parrish and Chapel Hill Streets, and a large portion of the block bounded by those two streets, Corcoran, and Orange Street. By 1963, the first stage of the Washington Duke Motel is complete. The hotel was an icon - seemingly, among those I've spoken with, beloved by those who grew up here mid-20th century. The Bare Square remained a parking lot, owned by Oprah fan Ronnie Sturdivant, up until a couple of years ago. There is no telling how many pounds of tomatoes that he sold during the years that he worked there. The first floor contains retail and offices. Brad Bradsher, whose mother was the convention / sales manager for the hotel in the 1960s and 1970s told me about his experience of the hotel in that era: "I spent many an afternoon roaming around the halls in the early '70's. To me the worst design element of this building is the overhang of the upper floors - makes it look fat and top-heavy. The more people I have talked to about growing up in Durham, the more I realize that this was one of those major life events that people remember with great clarity - just within the last month (May 2011) I've spoken to three people who were children at the time - all of whom remember with great detail where they were standing, what happened during, and what they did afterwards. Looking northeast, 9/4/55. I think it's a long shot to move forward - if it's all multifamily, it could get financed right now, but it's a constrained site with limited options for parking if you want to maximize your apt. I am not a fan of mid-century, but processed a bit, this could be a funky-cool-retro location that I could really buy into. It's now the Unscripted Hotel, after an extreme makeover of the 54-year-old former motel annex of the now-demolished Jack Tar Hotel on Corcoran Street. And unlike the Durham Centre tower, it has retail space beneath its parking deck. This building was L-shaped, wrapping around the corner building and the other building facing Corcoran. The best thing that I can say about it from a design perspective is that it has first floor retail (Blue Coffee, TJ Phat Wear), which is how we are trying to build parking garages now. That was his best seller. Unscripted Durham opened July 20, 2017. As of 2006, it is owned by Ronnie Sturdivant, who also owns the empty former Holiday Inn on Chapel Hill St (Urban Merchant Center) and really seems to want Oprah. (Courtesy Durham County Library). The remaining buildings on the corner of Corcoran and Chapel Hill St, encased by the Washington Duke Motel. In-and-of-itself, I think the window-wall design could have some good retro value (just updating the colors/painting the frames would help.) I rate the demolition of the Washington Duke Hotel as a tie (with Union Station) for the worst single-structure architectural/cultural loss for the city of Durham. Looking west on Parrish St. On June 17, 1909, the first Academy of Music was completely gutted by fire. It is also interesting to note that the motel was built in stages. During the summer months that was a second source of income for him. Claimed. It takes a bit to get to the the actual demolition, but very worth watching. (Courtesy Duke Rare Book and Manuscript Collection - Wyatt Dixon Collection). With that outdoor pool space, the retail below, and the downtown location (not to mention the extant parking), it is a great opportunjity for a savvy developer who understands how cool (and profitable) mid-century architeture can be. Academy of Music, looking northwest from W. Parrish and Corcoran. A boutique hotel fit for rock stars and jetsetters, the Unscripted Hotel is a celebratory hub of creativity, with a rooftop pool as its irresistible centerpiece. Total city and county incentive: $1.2 million. Opened on October 21, 1925, the hotel quickly became a prime social and political center for the city. The Washington Duke Hotel was constructed on the site between 1924 and 1925. In September, 1955, this building burned. And whoever mentioned "surreal" in relation to the Oprah signage is right. And the likeliest outcome is that this "eyesore" becomes yet another empty swath of dirt, brimming with development 'potential', but no developers. Demolition, 02.17.66 As another poster pointed out, the rooftop pool would be fun. If it wasn’t for the growing need for parking downtown, the old Jack Tar Motor Lodge wouldn’t be re-opening Wednesday as a swanky, mid-century modern hotel. It is the same story for the structure Jack Tar replaced. The staff at the hotel could not have been any nicer. I also saw the Bob Ashley quote at the end, that "we (Preservation Durham) would be very concerned about the loss of that building.". Hotels & Inns Culture & Community Travel Resources Meetings & Events Sports Events ... “The Durham Crisis Response Center works with the community to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, support and prevention.” So, buy a crowler and support a good cause at the same time…it’s a win win. Somewhat shockingly, there is a move afoot to renovate the Jack Tar Motel. (Courtesy Herald-Sun), Looking northwest, 9/4/55. Occasionally, the hotel was the site of tragedy as well. Looking west/southwest from Chapel Hill street. units. This picture shows a street-level view of the southern building, likely 1915-1925, looking east from Corcoran St. By the 1940s, the 202-204 Corcoran St. building was home to the Vogue Furniture Store. The former Jack Tar Motor Lodge in Durham, North Carolina was renovated and reopened as the first property in the Dream Hotel Group's new Unscripted Hotels brand. The impressive first floor was dampened by the decision to brick up the large windows - trying to give it that 'modern' look, I guess. I grew up in Durham and was bored stiff with the aluminum covering of significant structures (Bull Durham Factory) and vertical blinds that resembled solar collectors. The southeast corner of East Chapel Hill Street and Corcoran Street had consisted of three primary buildings. It's in ratty shape, but if its aluminum and window walls were shined up and the nasty curtains removed and window A/Cs removed, I can picture some hipsters hanging out by the rooftop pool, overlooking the Bull. The renovated hotel has 74 rooms, a pool deck on the third floor, and restaurants on the ground floor. 74 reviews #66 of 513 Restaurants in Durham $$ - $$$ American Diner Vegetarian Friendly. Its wacky architecture speaks the language of the year it was built: 1962. ), Below, near the completion of construction, looking northwest from Corcoran St. I have always wondered what the heck was up with that place. If you didn't see it cycle, reload the page, as I had it cut off after 4 cycles. The 21c Museum Hotel is … Architecture is NOT a 1973 rust-colored polyester leisure suit with tan stitching. As I recall it came down to not even being able to GIVE the building away, and it was costing them a fortune just to let it sit empty.". Durham is filled with the corpses of old brick buildings. The hotel also houses allday, a full-service grab-and-go coffee shop and restaurant, featuring Partner’s Coffee Roasters Estate, and the Patio, a seasonal rooftop pool that has a full-service restaurant and bar. "\, From the CCB building, looking north. You can read the INDY Week story about the plans here. Ralph Rogers notes that it was the "Thomas Bookstore". The two buildings with frontage on Chapel Hill Street were automobile service-oriented from the early 20th century. The Jack Tar Hotel was previously known as the Washington Duke Hotel, which was demolished in 1975. Story in the Herald Sun today is saying that a Colorado development firm has it under contract now, wants to renovate to "hip modern hotel", A couple stories in the Indy about the Jack Tar and plans by its new owners (Austin Lawrence Partners) to renovate it: I am sure those who tore down Fairview, Waverly Honor, Pandora's Box, Union Station, and other "outdated" structures had the idea that no one would ever care for these places either; their style would never show favor in the future and there were better uses for the land. Just don't take the elevator down to the parking entry-level, at night for sure anyway, the glassed-in entry doors are locked and if you step out of the elevator and it closes behind you and you somehow can't recall the elevator or the power went out or whatever, you'd be trapped in there and have to break your way out through the glass walls. (Courtesy Herald-Sun). Hello. That entry is here. New Academy of Music, 1910s (Courtesy Durham County Library). Durham's newest boutique hotel … Unscripted Durham is a hip spot in the former 1960s Jack Tar Hotel building. Wyatt Dixon relates: "The Academy played a major role in providing entertainment for hte people of the community. Though total removal of the motel would make way for some more residential or office space in the city center, it could still function as a motel. (Courtesy Durham County Library), Herald-Sun employees in Rotary Park - note the Academy of Music in the background. Escape to our winter wonderland and enjoy views of Downtown Durham, weekly entertainment and signature bites and libations in an al fresco culinary driven environment. (Courtesy Herald-Sun), By 1963, the first stage of the Washington Duke Motel is complete. Although I'd rather have what was there before, I think it's rather cool urban design for its time. Standing 16 stories tall at a cost $1.8 million, it was one of the most impressive hotel structures of its era. When a 1980s push came along to build a hotel and convention center in downtown, Watts Hill made a push for his site, but the city, in its infinite wisdom, tore down the entire adjacent block (the 200 block of East Chapel Hill St.) instead. Unscripted Hotel Durham Is Boutique At Its Best. The fire was discovered by employees of the Durham Morning Herald, whose office was directly across Market St. Pretty cool for 1968! If it isn't, well, there's a lot of other planned new construction downtown that hasn't come out of the ground - not because developers aren't capable, but because the financing and tenants aren't there for it to make economic sense while we're still Recessing. "Walker, Raleigh Man, Leaps from the top of Washington Duke Hotel" - 12.26.52 (Herald-Sun) This is from the deck, ~2 stories up, looking east down West Parrish Street. The automobile-oriented building on Chapel Hill Street (to the east of the corner building) likely provided some off-street parking for the hotel as well as gasoline. Notable structures surrounding it include (moving, roughly, left to right) the Temple building, the Trust Building, the Wright Corner, the old Post Office, and the Geer building Formerly the Jack Tar Hotel that operated in the 1960s, Unscripted Durham offers 74 … As a part of the streetscape work, these spaces are being turned into a brick plaza. I hear you on this, and I would have fully agreed with you a few years ago (clearly I did, rereading what I wrote above); I've actually come around to like this building, personally. 4.0-star Hotel Class. A number of rooms at this hotel have no windows because when the hotel was opened in the 1960s as the Jack Tar Hotel, that was a popular option for lodgings. (Louise Hall Collection). Love the juxtaposition of the new traditional streetlamps with the window-walls. From Chapel Hill Street, looking west-southwest. Chapel Hill Street was not the retail street that Main was, but had more service-oriented businesses. The New Academy of Music was demolished. Spiffed up, these structures can look very cool. Since then, Ronnie Sturdivant was murdered, and his wife controls the building. Check it out • The Durham Hotel features 53 rooms in a five-story building with rooftop yoga and a bar with fantastic city views. While the condition of this building is still poor, I've come to appreciate mid-century modern architecture a great deal more than I did when I wrote the above five years ago. I don't think this is the way to create public space - by chopping up space for roadways so as to move traffic more expeditiously and then primping the leftovers. The distinction is Jack Tar Hotel versus Jack Tar Motel. By the 1960s, the hotel had become the "Jack Tar Hotel" - evidently part of a chain. (sorry for this annoying, cycling graphic - I'm having trouble getting YouTube to work for this one. Durham The former Jack Tar Motor Lodge in downtown Durham will be rebranded as an Unscripted Hotel after its renovation is complete. Washington Duke Hotel is in the background. Jack Tar: A Diner for Downtown Durham 11/27/2017 By magnoliawriting@gmail.com 3 Comments Durham restauranteur Gray Brooks, the owner of Pizzeria Toro and Littler , will soon be ready to reveal his latest project, Jack Tar and The Colonel’s Daughter – a diner-style restaurant and lounge.
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