Men, beasts, and birds were freed in deep sleep. criminis extemplo ficti temerarius index 560 sed non is vultus in illo, ureris et thalamos alieni concipis orbis? quaque pater Corythi parva tumulatus harena est, Orithyia tuas, raptae soror Orithyiae,               695 Strangely, dogs, carrion birds, and grey wolves, will not touch them. "meque iuves intresque sinus, gratissima, nostros, has ubi verbenis silvaque incinxit agresti, 'Quid mihi tunc animi fuit? Liber et admonitus, iuvenes nutricibus annos               295 iussit et in plenos resolutum carmine somnos Aeoliam Pitanen a laeva parte relinquit Nor does the cunning animal run in a straight course in the open, but it eludes the pursuing muzzle and swings back in a circle, so its enemy cannot charge. et cum rege suo custodes somnus habebat, Ovid: Metamorphoses Xi: Bk.11 (BCP Latin Texts) by Ovid, . nuda pedem, nudos umeris infusa capillos, tura liquefaciunt, inductaque cornibus aurum Phoebeamque Rhodon et Ialysios Telchinas,               365 ter se convertit, ter sumptis flumine crinem non annis revocare tuis, modo diva triformis sed trahit invitam nova vis, aliudque cupido, deque rogis pugnant alienisque ignibus ardent. invenio corpusque meo mihi carius ulnis Phasias adsimulat Peliaeque ad limina supplex aspera lingua tumet, tepidisque arentia ventis et redit in gyrum, ne sit suus inpetus hosti: et potuisse datis simili succumbere culpae Moreover, as though she in yielding herself gave only a small prize, she gave me a hound as a gift, that her own goddess Cynthia had entrusted to her, saying “he will surpass all other dogs for speed.” She gave me a spear, likewise, the one, you see, I have in my hands. Procris erat medioque tenens in pectore vulnus dicuntur montes ratibusque inimica Charybdis Medea, with streaming hair, circled the burning altars, like a Bacchante, and dipping many-branched torches into the black ditches filled with blood, she lit them, once they were darkened, at the twin altars. illa prius referam. That swift creature leapt lightly over the nets, and cleared the tops of the traps we had set. cum primum qui te feliciter attulit eurus' has concresse putant nactasque alimenta feracis I noticed a long train of food-gathering ants, carrying vast loads in their tiny mouths, and forging their own way over its corrugated bark. She passed the walls of ancient Carthaea, on the island of Ceos, where Alcidamas, as a father, would marvel, one day, that a peace-loving dove could spring from the body of his daughter, Ctesylla. While I was balancing it in my right hand, while I was trying to fit my fingers into the throwing strap, I turned my eyes away. imperiumque peti totius Achaidos addit. marmoreamque Paron, quamque inpia prodidit Arne               465 Idaeumque nemus, quo nati furta, iuvencum, in manibus vestris vita est aetasque parentis:               335 If we wanted to count your years and your honours. aut ubi terrena silices fornace soluti alteraque invergens tepidi carchesia lactis, copula detrahitur canibus, quas illa sequentes You see them, half-dead, wandering the streets, while they can still stay on their feet, others lying on the ground weeping, turning their exhausted gaze upwards in their dying efforts, and stretching their arms out to the stars in the overhanging sky, breathing their last, here or there, wherever death has overtaken them. The sun shone gold again, but an east wind was still blowing, and kept the sails from the homeward voyage. nec frustra volucrum tractus cervice draconum The palace echoed to the people’s applause and the prayers of friends, and there was no sad place in the whole city. perque suos intus numeros conponitur infans et genus et virtus? spes abiit finemque vident in funere morbi,               565 quid in hospite, regia virgo, who could bend pine-tree trunks to the earth, and Sciron is done for, and safe paths reach. Medea was moved by the loving request, and the contrast with Aeetes, abandoned by her, came to mind. “Come, dearest!” I still said, and as the fallen leaves made a rustling sound in reply, I thought it was a wild creature, and threw my spear quickly. scilicet invictos ambo certamine cursus Medea, seeking his destruction, prepared a mixture of poisonous aconite, she had brought with her from the coast of Scythia. Liber I: Liber II: Liber III: Liber IV: Liber V: Liber VI: Liber VII: Liber VIII: Liber IX beneath the heavy yoke, that never pulled the curving plough: You turn the savage warfare, born of the serpent’s teeth. visus eram vidisse viros, ex ordine tales               650 ‘Son of the goddess, this weapon makes me weep (who would believe that?) If it were ash it would be deep yellow, and if it were cornelian cherry it would be knotted. Then he took the dragon’s teeth from the bronze helmet, and scattered them over the turned earth. Phocus in interius spatium pulchrosque recessus               670 Perthes. vipereas rumpo verbis et carmine fauces, nempe tenens, quod amo, gremioque in Iasonis haerens esse canis: specus est tenebroso caecus hiatu, multaque perpessi claro sub Iasone tandem               5 neve parum valeant a se data gramina, carmen 'excidit ore tuo, coniunx, scelus? alter agebatur post sacra iugalia mensis,               700 Her father Erechtheus brought us together in marriage, and love brought us together too. dexteriore Hecates, ast laeva parte Iuventae. perque deos supplex oro superosque meosque, confiteor, coniunx, quamquam mihi cuncta dedisti               165 Do you want to know the fate of the other gift? consistuntque iugis; medio rex ipse resedit postera depulerant Aurorae lumina noctem:               835 The goddess was angered and said “Stop complaining, ungrateful man: have your Procris! Pelion umbrosum, Philyreia tecta, superque "tu mihi da cives et inania moenia supple!" nunc sorbere fretum, nunc reddere, cinctaque saevis lanigeris gregibus balatus dantibus aegros               540 factus olor niveis pendebat in aere pennis; inde graves multi nequeunt consurgere et ipsis               570 Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10 Book 11 Book 12 Book 13 Book 14 Book 15. currus adest.' terra negat sedem, sedem negat ossibus unda;               445 blanditias plures et "tu mihi magna voluptas" As soon as she saw this, Medea unsheathed a knife, and cut the old man’s throat, and letting the old blood out, filled the dry veins with the juice. forte fuit iuxta patulis rarissima ramis She complained of my faithlessness, and troubled by an imaginary crime, she feared what was nothing, feared a name without substance, and grieved, the unhappy woman, as though aura were a real rival. nescio quos audisse; "veni" tamen "optima!" 1892. The next day’s dawn dispelled the glittering stars. The ancient staff turned in the hot cauldron, first grew green again, then in a short time sprouted leaves, and was, suddenly, heavily loaded with olives.
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