Also referred to as Rope Fish, Dragon Fish and Snake Fish, reedfish are a curious species of fish characterized by their long, snake-like bodies. They usually do well with larger fish, so think Oscars, Blood Parrots, Flowerhorns, large Barbs, Knifefish, medium and large Catfish and large peaceful African cichlids. Let us know in the comments section below…, Cat Shark: The Definitive Care Guide (Species & Tank Setups), If you are about to set up a peaceful community aquarium, the Pygmy Cory may be the fish for you. I have rope fish in my 700lt community tank they are the most interesting fish. Are Rope Fish Suitable For Your Aquarium? It has an elongated eel-like body, with no trace of a ventral fin. they only way it will work is if the Crayfish is comfortable/safe. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. Those fish with a rating of 4 have no business being housed with a seahorse, IMO. Since this is a predator, it leaves a lot of organic waste, therefore a canister filter is required. If you are performing water renew, cleaning the tank etc. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. They rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food. You only tend to see this behavior in oxygen-poor environments. The lifespan is about 6-8 years. The reedfish reaches a total maximum length of 37 cm (15 in). Top 5 Best Recommended for you. They thrive in both fresh or brackish (although most owners keep them in pure freshwater tanks). Reedfish are nocturnal and will spend most of the day time hiding. Predator fishes as a rule are active at twilight and at night. You need to add an amount of salt so that you have two tablespoons per five gallons of water. This draws people who are looking for more exotic pets, since there aren’t many fish that share this body. A tank of 52 US gallons (200 L) will do to keep a fish. It shouldn’t be a challenge to setup the perfect tank. To court, a male and female will swim around the tank together. You would find plenty of debris along the riverbed such as rocks and bogwood. If you have small fish, then they will soon be eaten. This isn’t true; we’ve already discussed how they have similar needs to most species. Therefore, it can’t be recommended to beginners, but for experienced aquarists care won’t be a challenging task. 50g tank 10 neons, 5 black neons, 6 corys, 3 orange banded loach, 2 rams, 2 kribs, 2 swordtails, 1 whiptail. You will not have any problem with a compatibility. Native to parts of Africa, these fish are found in the Chiloango river in Congo, and the Ogun river in Nigeria. Bichir fish aquarium has some specific requirements. Their appearance can scare people away as they assume they must be hard to care for. OP. They even have lungs for this, with their help the fish can stay out of water for some time (at the condition of high humidity outside). Reedfish, Jul 8, 2014 #2. They will not, or should not, be tank mates with oscars, red devils, or any other predatory/territoral type large fish. This friendly little Catfish is perfect for a beginner who may find aggressive species a bit daunting. In the wild they can be found in African rivers that contain lots of other tropical fish species. It is interesting to watch as they move around the tank. Though the Rope Fish is primarily a freshwater species, the addition of some aquarium salt may be beneficial. Another important thing is that tank must be tightly covered. Choosing the right mates for the tank is crucial as rope fish are predators and will probably eat smaller fish (more on this later). Rope fish or snakefish – the name itself says about the appearance. There is a dorsal fin, but it can be hard to spot. The way to handle this would be to just remove the one fish from the tank that all the others are in and put it in a separate tank, perhaps with a new fish friend who is more docile. Their whole body is covered in diamond-shaped scales with a brown/green color; this helps them blend into dark areas. As for the dry food, for example, pellets for bottom dwellers – fish may eat them sometimes, but this is more likely an exception for it. They originate from Central and West Africa in countries like Cameroon and Nigeria. You just need to bear a few things in mind. It’s their distinct appearance which makes them such an exotic fish. Once the female is ready they’ll sit motionless while the eggs are fertilized. They’re peaceful carnivores that get on well with other large, peaceful fish. Many fish species will thrive with the goldfish, although you should be aware of the aquatic pets that will not make good tank mates. Total in the tank includes about 15 other fish.
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