Michel Le Tellier having ordered him to refute a thesis of the college of Clermont on the infallibility of the pope, Marca wrote a treatise which was most Gallican in its ideas, but refused to publish it for fear of drawing down "the indignation of Rome.". 13), the refutation (chap. How to use refutation in a sentence. Starting your essay with a counterargument is often one of the most difficult ways to begin an essay. Refutation Paragraphs. Examples , My plan was to refute my neighbor’s false rumors about me with actual facts It was easier to burn Anabaptists than to refute their arguments, and contemporary writers were struck with the intrepidity and number of their martyrs. Example and / or statistics sentence. To refute this charge, the ministry proposed the elevation of the Rumanian principality into the kingdom of Rumania. is wrong or false: 2. to say or prove…. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Refute definition, to prove to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge. For example, if your topic is working from home, then your essay would either argue in favor of working from home (this is the for side) or against working from home.. Like most essays, an argumentative essay begins with an introduction that ends with the writer’s position (or stance) in the thesis statement. Sentence Examples A refutation of their particular scientific or philosophical proof of the existence of God would not have shaken their own faith one iota. exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict, positive and negative. Critics also refute D'Adamo's theory that eating the wrong foods for your blood type can lead to disease. Whatever these studies claim always seem to be refuted sometime later. Example sentences with the word refuted. It is no longer necessary for serious criticism to refute the objections to its authenticity raised during the 19th century in certain quarters;12 as Macaulay said of the authenticity of Caesar's commentaries, "to doubt on that subject is the mere rage of scepticism.". His intellect was logical in the highest degree; he was clear and precise, an enemy of loose reasoning, and quick to refute prevailing fallacies. Thucydides expressly warns us not to regard the period of this book as one of peace, and yet the very contents of the book refute his argument. 7. Arminius, fresh from Geneva, familiar with the dialectics of Beza, appeared to many the man able to speak the needed word, and so, in 1589, he was simultaneously invited by the ecclesiastical court of Amsterdam to refute Coornhert, and by Martin Lydius, professor at Franeker, to combat the two infralapsarian ministers of Delft. My physics teacher challenged us to refute his laboratory findings with our own evidence. All Rights Reserved. Rushnell said, citing various studies and statistics to refute it. The refutation paragraph is normally found ONLY in argument essays and argument research papers; it is also known as the concession paragraph. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. She tried to think how to refute the argument on moral grounds. 34. How often you use transitional words, and whether you use them at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence, depends on the rhythm. In 1679 Charles denied, in council, his supposed marriage with Lucy Walter, Monmouth's mother, his declarations being published in 1680 to refute the legend of the black box which was supposed to contain the contract of marriage, and told Burnet he would rather see him hanged than legitimize him. But it is the office of philosophy, as a theory of knowledge, to submit such conceptions to a critical analysis, with a view to discover how far they can be thought out, or how far, when this is done, they refute themselves, and call for a different form of statement, if they are to be taken as a statement of the ultimate nature of the real.'. The old Cartesians, Jean Jacques Dortous de Mairan (1678-1771) and especially Fontenelle, with his Theorie des tourbillons (1752), struggled in vain to refute Newton by styling attraction an occult quality. 2. 4. Sentence with the word refute **: I say “more standard” here even though her usage of refute is still non-standard.. Isabelle is quick to refute any suggestion of intellectual snobbery. Example sentences with the word refuted. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. I would not presume to refute what you say. Counter Argument Starters to Start Your Essays. refuted example sentences. He prepared a complete refutation of the Republicans' most serious charges. Sentencedict.com is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. He refuted [=denied] the rumor about him. How to use refute in a sentence. From these sources they attempted to evolve a philosophy of religion, which would not only refute the views of Hobbes, but would also free theology finally from the errors of scholasticism, without plunging it in the newer dangers of unfettered rationalism (see ETHIcs). 12), the sign (chap. 130. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "refute" in a sentence Cordova denied the charges but had no funds to buy many television ads to refute them. Examples of Refutation: A defense attorney would refute the prosecutor's statement that his client is guilty by providing evidence or logical statements that refute the claim. 3. Karl Schwarz happily remarks that, as the English apologists of the 18th century were themselves infected with the poison of the deists whom they end eavoured to refute, so Tholuck absorbed some of the heresies of the rationalists whom he tried to overthrow. Let us recognize over at collegeessayguy.comWelcome to college essay instances heaven. He became a favourite disciple of Bossuet, and at the bishop's instance undertook to refute certain metaphysical errors of Father Malebranche. How to conjugate refute , What is the base from of refuted How do you spell refute in a sentence? The word refute means to prove something to be wrong or untrue. Think of driving back or rebutting somebody's point or argument. Just how was your university application trip? His intellect was logical in the highest degree; he was clear and precise, an enemy of loose reasoning, and quick to refute prevailing fallacies. 49 examples : Use "refute" in a sentence. 61+2 sentence examples: 1. For example, the argument states that once a plane’s course has been signaled, the problem of mid-air collisions will disappear. - Natura contro. How to use refute in a sentence. It only needed a comparison of the theory with the visible facts to refute it at once, but nearly three centuries elapsed before the independence of the arenariae and the catacombs was established. In the second, which took place in the Church of St John and St Paul, and lasted three days, he undertook to refute innumerable errors in Aristotelians, mathematicians and schoolmen, to conduct his dispute either logically or by the secret doctrine of numbers, &c. According to Aldus, who attended the debate and published an account of it in his dedication to Crichton prefixed to Cicero's "Paradoxa" (1581), the young Scotsman was completely successful. It includes the name of the author, name of the article, and the date of publication. Search any verb conjugation. Definition of refute verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. refutation meaning: 1. the act of saying or proving that a person, statement, opinion, etc. If he is wrong, collecting and analyzing additional data is the way to refute him. I may have gained a few pounds driving around the countryside but I refute the label chubby and all its intonations. No absolute evidence to confirm or refute this suggestion has ever been found. is wrong or false: 2. the…. More example sentences ‘This process of using observation and experiment to refute false theories does not rely on induction in any way.’ ‘In these papers, where he was largely concerned with general philosophical problems of time and space, he adopted a quixotic standpoint in his attempt to refute the theory as being logically untenable.’ autonomous educators have a wealth of educationalists to draw on to refute that either education itself or their own children are products. The task of the doctrine of Vision in God then is not to refute skepticism, but to show how such knowledge is possible. Second, one should refute the opposition's argument. The treatises of Nicolai and of Lichtenberg were written to refute his theory. Conceding and refuting are also very common in all types of debates including political and social issues. Alternatively, refutation can be described as the negation of an argument, opinion, testimony, doctrine, or theory, through contradicting evidence.It normally constitutes a part of an essay that disproves the opposing arguments. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The evidence provided by the prosecutor will refute the defendant’s claim of innocence. In February, however,Bolivar formally resigned the presidency of the republic,at the same time expressing a determination to refute the imputations of ambition which had been so freely cast upon him, by retiring into private life, and spending the remainder of his days on his patrimonial estate. The results of the twelfth census (1900) further refute the argument that would maintain the eleventh census to be inaccurate because it showed a smaller rate of increase in population during the preceding decade than had been recorded by other censuses during earlier decades. He has threatened to publish a w Each of them, the probability (chap. Definition of Refutation. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The refute list of example sentences with refute. calumny>Such calumnies are easy to utter but hard to refute in a foreign country. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. He said: " I can categorically refute that. The Project Eagle team refute such scary sci-fi notions. The literary term refutation refers to that part of an argument where a speaker or a writer encounters contradicting points of view. Sentence example with the word 'refute' refute abjure, belie, controvert, deny, disprove, join issue upon, overthrow, refuse to admit, say in defense, stand up for, undermine Definition v. overthrow by argument Last update: September 1, 2015 37. refute means to prove that a statement or a concept is incorrect, to disprove an argument or idea. Saved by Abbie Gibbs. 2. When students are writing an argumentative essay, they need to acknowledge the valid points of the opposing argument, otherwise writers sound narrow-minded and thereby less effective. 1 people chose this as the best definition of refutation: Refutation is the act of... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. We can all help to end this problem by … I have received a letter accusing me of not clearing up after my dog, I wish to refute the allegation. To refute this book and to prove that there could be no such thing as religion, he wrote and printed a small pamphlet, A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain, which brought him some curious acquaintances, and of which he soon became thoroughly ashamed. First sentence - Outline a part of the argument. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. futes 1. But one point Matt made tonight that I'd like to hear someone refute is the stupidity of canceling public option as a way to get Republicans to vote for the bill.. My last word (I hope), is to once again refute your post at #115.. 3. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. The former and briefer aims simply to expose the errors of Marcellus, whom Eusebius accuses of Sabellianism, the latter to refute them. Free Refute In A Sentence Personal Declaration9 Exceptional College Essay Instances 2020/2021Discover exactly how to create any kind of college essay with these outstanding instances of university essays that operated in 2019. refute in a sentence - Use "refute" in a sentence 1. Example I "It is clear that a tu quoque response to an accusation can never refute the accusation. Start studying Refutation Sentence Starters. part of an argument where a speaker or a writer encounters contradicting points of view The course of human history is regarded by those writers who are most concerned to refute Judaism as a progressive divine education. refute this suggestion has ever been found. We tried to list the best first. Let’s look at the previous example again, but chop up the first three sentences. , Even though Jake knew he was guilty of the crime, he still hired a lawyer to refute the charges. Simpson murder trial, the prosecutor tried to argue that the bloody gloves found were Simpson's. They betray Pete, Mark, and Fred, by stealing the aircraft and flying back without them, so there would be no one to refute their "discovery" of the Imas. The refutation section of the classical argument format has two parts: first very briefly bring up your opponent's potential or actual arguments, and then put them down one by one by disproving them or showing the reader why they should not be believed. Individual Statement 9 Impressive College Essay Examples 2020/2021 Learn how to write any kind of university essay with these amazing instances of college essays that worked in 2019. Finally, one should conclude a refutation with a … Tips: Refute comes from the Latin word refutare, "to drive back" or "rebut." 35. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Counter Argument Example Sentence Starters for Rebuttal Essays. State that there could be other causes of mid-air collisions. 15 editor-approved samples. In this work he undertook to refute the statements of Nicholas Sanders, whose De Origine et progressu schismatis Anglicani libri tres (Cologne, 1585) was still, in the French translation of Maucroix, the commonly accepted account of the English reformation.
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