2nd Annual Emporia Va Community Walk for Diabetes Awareness Scheduled for September

According to Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center, approximately 26 million Americans are affected by diabetes; 7 million of which go undiagnosed. In recent studies, diabetes ranked in the top five causes of death in the United States and was the primary cause of preventable blindness. The Virginia Department of Health reported the prevalence of diabetes among adults in Virginia rose 3.3 percent from 1996 to 2009, with strong evidence of a continual increase in years to come. Crater, home to Emporia, is among the highest diabetes prevalent health districts in Virginia, with 12.7 percent of adults being diagnosed with the disease.

The steady increase in diabetes ridden individuals can be avoided through proper education related to the leading causes of the condition--cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. I believe the first step in education is awareness; therefore to spread diabetes awareness to the Emporia community, I am partnering with the American Diabetes Association and YMCA of Emporia-Greensville to host the 2nd annual Community Walk.

The event will be held on Saturday, September 17 at 8:30 AM at the YMCA (212 Weaver Ave).

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