Buckle Up - Phone Down. Dangers of Texting and Driving Simulated at GCHS

Courtney Malveaux, Delegate Roslyn Tyler, Kristin Smolenski and Peggy Malone at Thursday's Drive Smart Event

The State Farm Distracted Driving Simulator pulled into Greensville County High School Thursday morning, as part of the Drive Smart Virginia program, to teach the dangers of texting and driving.  The Simulator is a real vehicle that has been enhanced to demonstrate the dangers of distracted driving while not actually driving.  The "driver" wears goggles and, using the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals, is asked to drive down a virtual street while sending a text message. 


Greensville County High School Students in the Driving Simulator and on the Impaired Driving Course

According to Peggy Malone, the local State Farm Agent sponsoring the event, only three of the students before lunch managed not to crash.

Students were also shown the difficult of impaired driving by riding a tricycle through a row of cones while wearing distortion goggles.  The goggles simulated the vision impairment associated with a Blood Alcohol Content of 1.7

Delegate Roslyn Tyler was there for the last class, and she fared no better than the students, "crashing" before she even managed to send the text message. 


Peggy Malone and Delegate Roslyn Tyler on the Impaired Driving Course

Neither Delegate Tyler or Mrs. Malone made it through the drunk driving simulation, each taking out multiple cones, which proves that experience does not matter if you drive drunk.

The simulator will be at Brunswick County High School tomorrow.  For more information on the Drive Smart program, please visit drivesmartva.org.

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