Community Forum Informed Voters

Emporia News hosted a Candidates Forum at Greensville County Elementary School on October 21.

Candidates were given time for an opening statement asked a few questions from either readers or the editor of Emporia News and then time for a brief closing statement. The promise was made to try to provide the candidates with the questions, but they were slow to trickle in. Some candidates had no questions submitted and others had none until late that Monday afternoon.

There were a couple of candidates that complained on some social media platforms that they had not received questions and would not participate unless they did.

Jacqueline Jordan decided from the beginning not to attend. Several candidates never responded to the invitation and Linda Edwards emailed her regrets because of a prior engagement.

In the end we started with:

  • JoAnne Conner and George E. Morrison, III for Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • W. T. “Tim” Jarratt and Stephen King for Greensville County Sheriff
  • Raymond L. Bryant and Belinda D. Astrop for Board of Supervisors, Zion District
  • William “Bill” Cain for Board of Supervisors, Belfield District
  • Drexel W. Pierce, Jr. for Greensville County School Board, Nottoway District
  • Patricia Taylor Watson for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Questions began with the incumbent and followed with the challengers in alphabetical order where there were multiple challengers and all challengers were in attendance.

The first group to take the stage was the candidates for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court. The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a Shared Service and is on the ballot for voters in both the City and the Cunty.

Following the canndidates for Clerk of the Circuit Court were the candidated for Sheriff of Greensville County. This is also a Shared Service, both County and City citizens vote for this office.

Following the candidates for Greensville County Sheriff, the candidates for Board of Supervisors in the Zion District took the stage.

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