Congratulations to Miranda Balogun Belfield Elementary School's Teacher of the Year


Miranda Balogun has been a classroom teacher for 10 years and has been a librarian at Belfield for 1 year. She taught grades 1-3 in North Carolina before working in Greensville County at the middle school and the high school in the math departments. Prior to teaching in the library, Ms. Balogun taught 5th grade Language Arts at Belfield. Ms. Balogun is the 5th Grade Chairperson and currently enjoys integrating Science, Math, VA Studies, and Language Arts into library lessons while sharing the love of reading with all of the Belfield students.  

Ms. Balogun believes: "Education is a discipline because the outcomes anticipate certain behaviors. A knowledgeable educator not only sets high standards for his or her students but must also be qualified to help those students be successful. Discipline and patience in education will bring about a change that is the concrete proof that something has been learned. An educator might expect a student to change after they have been taught something. On the contrary, a student will talk, think, and act differently only once he or she has truly learned."