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Letter-Heart Broken Over Training School Demolition

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Wow, my heart is broken.  Thank you for the passionate and honest editorial on the planned demolition of the Training School.  Please let me know who authored the editorial.  I pray the decision is not final and there is some hope and plan to save the historical site.  It is officially registered on the Historical Preservation site.  How can this be?  Is it permissible to tear down historical buildings?  Many Rosenwald schools throughout the country have been restored and re-purposed bringing revitalization to communities.  The historic Training School because of what it provided to the African American community, and the community as a whole, deserves the same consideration.  If $80,000 is being proposed by the City Council to demolish the historic building, why not use those funds for restoration.  I felt the same way about the Emporia Elementary School and the Auditorium.  By the way, I attended both the Training School and the elementary school.  Emporia and Greensville County are such special places, due largely because of its residents, history, and geographical location.  It is rich with economic and development potential, but I am not so sure that those who govern there are aware of this.  Let's come together to save and restore the Training School, making this the start of revitalizing all of Emporia and Greensville County. 

Native Emporian - always in heart,

Rose P.

(Editor's Note-There is no law preventing the demolition of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places nor the Virginia Landmarks Registry)

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