McEachin Announces $10,523,821 Health and Human Services Grants

Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) today announced three grants from the Departmentof Health and Human Services to the Virginia Department of Health, totalling $10,532,821 for immunizations ($6,993,106), tobacco control ($1,539,715), and diabetes and heart disease ($2,000,000.)

"I am so pleased to see these funds coming into our Department of Health to help with such critical issues," said Congressman McEachin. Immunizations, especially during this pandemic, are important to protect our children from other severe,sometimes fatal illnesses. Tobacco addiction leads to many respiratory and lung diseases and most severely, lung cancer. Finally, diabetes and heart diseases are not only major killers of Virignians but also tax the health care system and families struggling with these diseases. These resources will ensure that many more Virignians will be able to access critical health care services needed."