Residents Learn About God Through Hands-On Project


The Rev. Dr. Robin Moore, chaplain at Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Services, is continually developing creative ways to teach residents about God.

For some kids, “church” has a negative connotation, reminiscent of stiff pews and seemingly endless monotone sermons. Dr. Moore shows our residents daily that there is so much more to spirituality than that. Most recently, she involved residents in a project to prune the 30 crape myrtle trees around the campus.

This project allowed them to learn about the physical concept of pruning as well as encouraging them to contemplate spiritual pruning. It also gave Dr. Moore an opportunity to interact and develop a relationship with residents that she otherwise would not see.

The pruning project was a way for the residents to approach discussions of God and spirituality in a non-intimidating manner. In addition, through this project, residents gained a sense of self efficacy in taking care of not only themselves and their own spirituality, but also our campus, their temporary home.

Our facility is unique in that we focus on helping residents not only in a psychiatric setting, but also in every other aspect of their lives. Each child is seen as more than just their illness or trauma, and at Jackson-Feild, they are given the tools to manage their trauma and mental illness in a well-rounded way.

Through this endeavor in particular, residents learned how a physical activity like pruning trees can also translate to a spiritual awakening. Thanks to Dr. Moore, our residents have a more beautiful campus and are building stronger relationships with God.