Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center Announces April Employee of the Month

Emporia, VA – Brittany Wrennhas been named the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center (SVRMC) Employee of the Month for May 2017. Ms. Wrenn, who works in SVRMC’s Rehab Services Department, has been employed at SVRMC since October 2015.

Each month employees are nominated for demonstrating excellence in one of ten Standards of Behavior; the highlighted Standard of the Month for May was Privacy.  Ms. Wrenn’s nomination included the following statement:  “Brittany welcomes and registers between 40-50 patients a day, for five different departments in her role at SVRMC.  One of her job duties each day is to ensure that each patient’s privacy and personal information are safe, secure, and handled with care.  Brittany utilizes sensational organizational skills and efficiency, combined with friendly customer service to make this happen without a hitch.  She is often an unsung hero when it comes to HIPAA compliance and her continued work guarantees that our clinicians’ and patients’ needs are met with a smile each time they come in for an appointment in our rehab department.” 

As SVRMC’s May Employee of the Month, Ms. Wrenn received a certificate of recognition, balloons, cookies to share with her co-workers, a cash award, and a chance to be selected as SVRMC’s 2017 Employee of the Year.

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