Spotlight on Jobs by the Virginia Employment Commission

General Laborer:  Lifts, carries and holds building materials, tool and supplies. Cleans tools, materials and work areas. Mixes, pours and spreads concrete, asphalt, gravel, and other material using hand tools. Performs a wide variety of manual tasks including pipe assembly, pipe cutting and laying, removal or forms from set concrete, taking layout shots, directing equipment operators on cuts and fills, etc.  Job Order #2071250

Facility Administrator:  Build on your relationship with your patients, while also continuously improving their health through clinical goal setting and quality improvement initiatives. Make a difference in patients' lives and developing your team to reach their full potential. Develop, mentor and inspire a cross-functional clinical team (census dependent on state laws) to deliver the best for our patients, teammates and community. Manage complete operation and performance of the clinic: adhere to budget, forecast expenses, manage vendor relationships, order supplies, and monitor compliance.   Job Order #2070935

Travel Center Cashier:  Operates cash register by passing price coded items across electronic scanner to record price, compile printed list, and display cost of customer purchase, tax, and rebates on monitor screen. Makes change, cashes checks, and issues receipts or tickets to customers. Gives cash refunds or issues credit memorandums to customers for returned merchandise. Records amounts received and prepares reports of transactions, etc.  Job Order #2066353

Utility Production Worker:  Adhering to all plant safety and environmental guidelines, policies, and procedures. Learning to operate machinery to expected performance levels. Acting as a relief operator to cover other employees' breaks and vacations. Keeping the work area clean throughout the shift to ensure a safe and orderly work environment. Assisting team members throughout the mill during production times. Performing basic care duties such as preventative maintenance on machinery or repairing minor issues.  Job Order #2057222

Team Member:  Provide excellent guest service skills. Able to work in a fast paced environment. Able to communicate effectively with guests and team members. Maintains regular and consistent attendance and punctuality. Available to work days, evenings, weekends and holidays. Ability to resolve issues in compliance with company’s standards. Must have a friendly and courteous demeanor. Is a team player.  Job Order #2066375


The Virginia Employment Commission is An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

La Comision de Empleo de Virginia es un empleador/programa con igualdad de portunidades.  Los auxiliaries y servicios estan disponibles a dedido para personas con discapacidades