Statement from Fair Districts on Amendment 1 Vote Results

While votes in the Commonwealth will continue to be counted over the next few days, it is apparent that Amendment 1 has passed. While this is not the result we hoped for, we want to thank all the volunteers who worked so hard and put in so many hours. Our campaign was truly a grassroots campaign that was outspent over 50 to 1 by out-of-state dark money groups and was fighting an uphill battle against biased language on the ballot meant to gain votes for the measure.

The people who pushed Amendment 1 know of its flaws – and it is now incumbent upon them to seek real solutions to fix those flaws, not just lip-service efforts like “consideration” of Virginia’s diversity. They have won the day – and it is now up to them to fulfill the promise of Virginia’s future by immediately pushing not just for enabling legislation to attempt to make this amendment palatable, but for a new amendment that actually does the things Virginians voted for, but will not get from this amendment:

1)     Get politicians out of the redistricting process.
2)     Establish an independent commission for redistricting.
3)     Respect Virginia’s diversity by requiring the inclusion of minority communities.

We will continue fighting for these ideals, and we hope they will join us in achieving these goals moving forward.