Virginia Chamber Joins National Initiative to Address Inequality of Opportunity

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce announced it is partnering with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on a national initiative to address inequality of opportunity.
The Virginia Chamber will join the U.S. Chamber’s national town hall event on June 25 where business and community leaders will discuss concrete actions that can be taken by the government and the private sector to address inequality through education, employment, entrepreneurship, and criminal justice reform. As a partner on this important initiative, the Virginia Chamber will host local and industry dialogues to further the discussion.
“The Virginia Chamber is committed to participating in the development of key actions that will foster inclusion, social justice, and support initiatives that will lead to greater equity of opportunity,” said Virginia Chamber President and CEO Barry DuVal. “I recognize the pain current and past tragedies have brought and am committed to engaging with policymakers, community leaders, and other voices to confront racism and support necessary criminal justice reform.
“Actions speak louder than words and the Virginia Chamber will join the U.S. Chamber in their initiative to address inequality of opportunity and looks forward to participating in the national town hall scheduled for later this month. Our Commonwealth’s well-being is dependent on the equity of opportunity in our educational system, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, homeownership, and a fair criminal justice system. Diversity and inclusion in our workplace and economy strengthens our state and nation.”
“The moral case for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is indisputable, and there’s overwhelming evidence that greater diversity benefits the American economy, businesses, communities, and employees,” said U.S. Chamber President Suzanne Clark. “We are proud to partner with the Virginia Chamber on this initiative and help develop a robust plan of action.” 
The work of this national initiative is complementary to key tenants of the Virginia Chamber’s foundational document, Blueprint Virginia 2025, which calls for vital improvements in workforce and education to advance positive change in these areas and further build a strong foundation for our citizens.