YMCA Preschool 100th Day!

The YMCA Preschool celebrated it's 100th day on Wednesday, January 22.  Students kicked-off the celebration with a trip to Pino's Pizza.  The kids helped make their own pizzas.  Other 100th day activities included, a 100 snack, using a pretzel stick and crackers, linking 100 paper clips together and measuring with them, graphing M&M's, making a 100 Fruit Loop necklace, 10 sets of 10 exercises, and collecting 100 pennies from each child.  The money collected will be donated to the Emporia-Greensville Humane Society.  The children ended the week of activities with a trip to the Emporia Library to see the Ringling Brothers clown.  Despite the snow, the children had a great week celebrating being 100 days smarter!


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