This species is called a number of names in the aquarium community. The ideal fish you’re looking for are peaceful and adequately sized for your planned tank. Six-line wrasse fish are very peaceful despite their size, which can reach 18 cm (7.1 in). You’d need to make sure that as an inhabitant of this community tank, The Centerpiece doesn’t get too dominant and gets along well with all the other fishes. Updated 11/15/19. Looks aside, sparkling gouramis are a joy to care for. These community fish are from slow-moving black streams. They need to stay in groups of at least eight. If you keep that in mind when planning out tank mates, this species should do just fine! You get to choose from among the schoolers, the bottom-feeders, the top-dwellers, the clean up crew, etc. Like other plecos, the bristlenose generally stays to the bottom of the tank. Hailing from the mountains of China, White Cloud Mountain minnows prefer living conditions that are on the cooler side. In a single-species tank, a small group needs just 10 gallons of room. Also, these fish normally grow a bit larger than other community fish. The fins are semi-transparent. They only reach a max size of 3-3.5 inches, so you don’t need as large of an aquarium as you would when keeping other cichlids. They do best in large groups of at least 15! However, they don’t do well with guppy fish! They are very peaceful and can be kept with a wide range of other community fish as long as they won’t be intimidated by their size (they can grow up to 8 inches). This fish is one of the most prevalent in the fish-keeping community. These fish are quite large and can reach up to a foot in length. The tailfin is semi-transparent and fork-shaped. The shape of this gourami is slender. Again, You have the option to choose from Sunset, Robin Red and Gold varieties. Tetras, Angelfish, less aggressive Gouramis (like Honey Gourami), Bristlenose plecos, in general – relatively peaceful community fish With its gentle appearance, pronounced coloration patterns and attractive fin design, the Bolivian Ram is generally believed to be the prettiest fish for a … While part of the tetra family, they have a very distinct look. 2/ Cory Catfish. Natural bottom dwellers, these fish like to stick to the substrate. German Blue Ram. These fish are peaceful and can get along with just about any species. In the fish keeping hobby, they provide enthusiasts with medium and large pets that have stunning colors and patterns. Be smart when choosing tankmates. When it comes to behavior, you don’t have to worry about too many problems. Not all are peaceful, and some grow quite large, but the species listed opposite are ideal for the general community tank. We’ve put together these community tank suggestions to help you choose what type of aquarium you want, and then give you a list of compatible fish. Large Red Rainbow Fish and Peaceful Pink Convict Cichlid. However, they are fantastic choices for community tanks, too. They’re not a good choice for tropical tanks. When it comes to freshwater aquarium fish, species are generally divided into categories based on their temperament. Also, provide plenty of hiding spaces. But, they are nowhere near as vicious. Cornet fish have cleaning habits and grow to a large size, up to 20 cm (7.9 in) Bluestreak cleaner wrasse fish clean and deworm other fish, but it is essential that there is only one individual in the aquarium as it is aggressive towards its peers. Like guppies, platy fish are livebearers. Pair that with their penchant for zipping back and forth and you have a fish that’s a joy to observe. There are, however, some tetras that can become a little bit aggressive, nipping at the fins of long-finned fish or other species. Here are the top 10 cichlid species for a community tank: 1. No matter what kind of dwarf gourami you get, they’re a joy to care for. If you're new aquarium is smaller, then avoid this fish. Harlequin rasboras are a shoaling species (like most types of rasboras). The two most common are the Electric Yellow Lab and the Electric Yellow Cichlid. However, they don’t share the same fierce reputation. Speaking of which, zebra danios are not aggressive. The Cherry Barb is a popular tropical freshwater fish that’s a member of the large Cyprinidae family. These fish are very easy to breed. Like the other fish we’ve studied so far, it’s small, and has a beautiful horizontal stripe through its body. The pictus catfish spends most of its time scavenging for food on the substrate. Honey Gourami While peaceful, these fish are very timid. You might wanna steer clear from long-finned varieties such as Full-moons, Crown-tails, Delta-tails, etc as they’re prone to being bullied by fin-nippers. Wrasse – Another peaceful community tank fish. There are many variables and parameters that must be aligned accurately, so it is essential to go slowly when setting up an … This Dwarf Cichlid will never fail to catch your eyes at the first glance with its striking neon coloration and intricate markings. They tend to spend the day doing their own thing and minding their business. Cory catfish are plump fish with quirky looks. You get to choose from among the schoolers, the bottom-feeders, the top-dwellers, the clean up crew, etc. 4. Zebra danios favor open swimming space. As long as you’re keeping them with peaceful fish that aren’t too large, you should be just fine. This is a fun looking fish with a splash of different colors. They have a quite a different look when compared to most of the other species on our list. Average adult size: 0.6 – 0.75 inches (1.6 – 1.8cm) 9. Especially when you decide to go with a community tank, A large array of choices open up. Although, in nature, they feed on small shrimp larva, worms, insects, and other zooplankton. Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna) The Honey Gourami is a colourful addition to a small community tank. Luckily, they deliver when it comes to appearance. Usually, Guppies are peaceful fish, that are good to be kept together with other species. But, they take on a unique coloration that’s quite appealing to aquarists. The blue is usually found towards the belly while the orange highlights the top. Choosing fish that prefer swimming at different levels will result in a far more attractive aquarium, while at the same time assuring that your fish will not have to compete for space. The shape of the marbled hatchetfish is very distinct. They have underturned mouths like a lot of other catfish species. They’re often one of the first species aquarists try out. We will therefore, sample 7 great centerpiece fish for your community aquarium. However, the biggest challenge of keeping shrimp in tanks is they make part of the fish food chain, and most large and medium-sized aquarium fish won’t hesitate to eat them. They may also venture to decorations to find some algae to consume. These are not schooling fish, and will get along with most of the other popular species on our list. They prefer slow-moving waters and plenty of live plants to play in. That’s why Elmer’s makes it easy. Commercial pellets and algae wagers work well, too. They can mistake smaller species for food, so avoid those at all costs! The Platy Fish, is another great choice for beginner fish keepers. With a name like “sparkling gourami,” these fish have a lot to live up to! A beginners guide to choose the right fish for your community aquarium. 2.Bettas A common choice for most beginners, this brightly colored fish species is very easy to care for. Written by. They sit atop soft colors of yellow, orange, and silver. They are docile, playful, and don’t cause any trouble. If you have a big tank feel free to add a large groups of 30 or more of them, they can live together without any issues. Bala sharks look remarkably similar to marine sharks. Small and torpedo-shaped, the glowlight tetra is native to the rivers of Guyana. To top it off you’ve got a handful of color varieties to choose from, Namely : Powder Blue, Flame Red and Striped. With other species, they are peaceful. So down below we’ll be listing down six fishes which meet the above prerequisites, To be the contender of being the center of attraction of your aquarium. Silver dollars are peaceful fish that pose no threat to angels, though they might nibble on the live plants in your aquarium. We have put the fish into different categories to help with compatibility- Passive – Passive community tropical fish do not pose a real threat toward other fishes. You might see it climbing on the glass or munching on algae that grows on decor. They have an upturned hinged mouth, much like a bass. The worst offender is the Bala Shark – largely because novice aquarium hobbyists simply do not realize how big these fish get. Be careful stocking them with smaller fish. Schooling fish, including most of the Tetra species, as well as some of the Barbs, are excellent for the middle level of a community tank. But, their expansive fins provide a cool silhouette. They’re notorious nippers, so keep them away from species that could promote this behavior. Want a fish that’s going to keep your tank clean? If you keep them with fish that like a similar biotope, you can add things like leaf litter to infuse tannins into the water. When it comes to choosing fish for a community tank, you need to think as much about the size of your tank as the fish you plan to keep in it. These can grow up to be a little larger than other choices on this list. Pinkish-gold in color, the most identifiable physical trait of this species is the diamond-shaped black mark on the back. They’re not active at all and usually pay no attention to any tank mates in the area. The peaceful cichlid community aquarium is possible provided that one selects the inhabitants carefully and uses a suitably large tank. Shirlie Sharpe . But, color and patterns are unique. Please ensure you buy fish suitable for your tank conditions and tank mates. Rams and Severums are also very tolerant of tankmates, the former for smaller tanks, the latter for larger. Male peacock gudgeons can also display some aggression towards one another. But different fish have different requirements, and knowing the proper care and acceptable tankmates is your first step to success. Different species have different temperaments with some being very peaceful and great community fish while others are some of the most aggressive cichlid species in existence. These fish have a lot of colors and patterns packed onto their body. A Centerpiece fish is single fish which stands out from the rest of the species in the tank by drawing attention with its distinctive color, size and other features. Finally, the pectoral, anal, and adipose fins are all black and ray-like in shape. The body of the fish is long and silver. The front of the fish is pointy. New World Cichlids are some of the most diverse freshwater fish species in the world – they come in all shapes and sizes as well as various colors and patterns. What are some very colorful, beautiful, peaceful community fish (4 freshwater tank)? These fish are truly a joy to own, and are very fun to observe as well! Is Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish the new Neon Tetra? Pearl gouramis get their name from the white spots that adorn the body. Another cichlid that is recommended is the rainbow cichlid, Herotilapia multispinossa. Common plecs, Silver sharks, Tinfoil barbs and even Clown loach all grow to over 12”/30cm in length, meaning that a community containing those should really only be over six feet in length, with filtration to match. Cherry barbs are another fantastic freshwater species for you to include in a community tank. By Ginkgo100 (CC BY-SA 3.0 licence) Also known as datnoid pulcher and gold datnoid, Siamese Tigerfish are a critically endangered fish found in Southeast Asia. Forktail Rainbowfish (Iriatherinawerneri) These fish … There are, however, some tetras that can become a little bit aggressive, nipping at the fins of long-finned fish or other species. At number one is an entire genus of Dwarf Cichlids, With a great selection of gorgeous varieties to choose from. So, even in a smaller tank, you can have a fish that really stands out. It often mistakes smaller fish for food, so make sure to keep them in a community tank with similarly-sized species. Meanwhile, the semi-transparent fins are blue and feature spots of black and red edging. Platy fish come in a wide range of colors. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. As a result, this pleco can adapt to a wide range of tank parameters without experiencing too many issues.
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