To the Editor:

Election season is fast approaching in a few weeks and we are less than 20 days to Election Day and a brighter more focused future is at hand!

On behalf of the City of Emporia and Greensville County Democratic Committee I write in full support of the candidacies of Mrs. Belinda D. Astrop for the Greensville County Board of Supervisors in the Zion District (District 1) and Mr. Drexel W. Pierce, Jr. for the Greensville County School Board Nottoway District (District 4). 

Fortunately, for our friends and neighbors in the Zion District, they will have a Board member that will represent them fairly and one which will unequivocally have their best interest at heart!  Rarely do you see a leader step forward and answer the call of her peers that is this well qualified, dedicated and excited…but Belinda Astrop is she!  As a member of our committee she sought our endorsement to run for the Greensville County Board of Supervisors from the Zion District under our banner to bring positive change.  In Belinda’s heartfelt plea seeking our support she clearly understands that the county is at a junction – we either remain idly complacent as the county implodes with ever increasing property taxes, no new major employers being attracted to the area, and schools that can’t attract and keep qualified teachers with decent wages.  OR…the Board of Supervisors and its leaders can seize the moment and address the county’s need for more viable and frequent efforts to incentivize Economic Development efforts to assist the county to grow.  She believes that it is time to insist upon productive intelligent conversations during board meetings about recruiting employers with jobs that can pay a living wage and take proactive steps to recruit developers that are willing to invest in the county.  Additionally, entrepreneurs and small business owners should be encouraged to grow and expand within the county.  When investment is encouraged and nurtured, new jobs are sought and created, the quality of our schools and their performance increases and in turn future generations will return home to seek employment and those recruited to our community will stay and continue to be a part of Greensville County’s future success story!

Mrs. Astropis an ardent supporter for after school and year round recreational opportunities for our children and youth.  She is a firm believer that governments place emphasis on the things which are of the utmost importance to them and for her that emphasis should be greatly shared with the future and hope of our community – our children. 

No less committed to the progress of the County and its school system in particular is Drexel Pierce. As a resident in the Nottoway District Drexel believes that the children inour community deserve the best possible environment to learn and grow in, while gaining a world class education. The safety and mental health of our children is at the forefront of his agenda.

Pierce strongly believes that a child’s educational experience is not just about curriculum, but that in order for them to flourish they must be in the safest, most inclusive atmosphere possible. We have the most capable and caring staff within our district, and they need our support and the proper tools to best serve our children at their maximum capacity. He stands to put our children and the Greensville County Public School faculty/staff first!

Drexel’s educational background and work experience offer a unique and fresh perspective as a school board member. If elected, he plans is to work with parents, teachers and our community to ensure that our students receive the exceptional educational experience they deserve.  When students feel safe, accepted and empowered, they succeed. Pierce states, “Together we can make that possible for every child at GCPS!”  Every Student Matters!  Every VOTE Matters!

There are no better qualified candidates that are well suited to stand and fight for this community and its citizens than Belinda and Drexel!  The two truly understand the needs of the county in both arenas to further the county government and advance its educational quality. 

I ask on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 that their fellow citizens for Astrop in District 1 (Zion) and for Pierce in District 4 (Nottoway) make your way to your respective polling place and cast your votes for Belinda Astrop for Greensville County Board of Supervisors and Drexel Pierce for Greensville County School Board!! The polls open at 6 o’clock in the morning and close at 7 o’clock in the evening – stop by and vote for Positive CHANGES in Greensville County!

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Emporia-Greensville Democrats,

George E. Morrison, III, Chairman

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