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Greensville County Business, Professional and Occupational Licenses for 2019 are now due.  To avoid penalties, please secure your 2019 license from the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office on or before March 1st.  We are located in the Greensville County Government Building at 1781 Greensville County Circle, Rm 132 on Highway 301 North – Sussex Drive.  Our office hours are from 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday.

Martha S. Swenson
Master Commissioner of the Revenue
Greensville County, Virginia

Exxon Mobil Grants

The staff at Parker Oil Company have worked with Greensville County Schools for a number of years to secure grant funds for local schools from the Exxon Mobil Education Alliance Program.

On January 9th, funds for 2014 were granted to Greensville Elementary School, Belfield Elementary School, E.W. Wyatt Middle School, and Greensville County High School. Grants of $500 were awarded to Greensville Elementary and Belfield Elementary Schools. One thousand dollar awards were presented to Wyatt Middle School and Greensville County High School. These funds are to be used for educational projects that support the schools’ ongoing efforts to provide high quality instructional services in Mathematics and/or Science.

Thanks to friends of education at Parker Oil Company, this marks the 9th year schools have received the Exxon Mobil Grant funds. The grants were created to allow local oil companies, like Parker Oil, to invest in the future of their communities through the schools.  

School officials express appreciation to Ed Low and the Parker Oil Company for demonstrating their commitment to public education through their diligence in working to acquire these grant funds for the schools each year.

Pictured: Medicus Riddick, Assistant Principal, E.W. Wyatt Middle School; Ed Low, Parker Oil Company Representative; Mary Person, Principal, Belfield Elementary School; Curtis Young, Principal, Greensville Elementary School; the representative from Greensville County High School is Not Pictured.

Greensville County Board of Supervisors Meet

The Greensville county Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday evening, a day later than usual due to the Martin Luther King Holiday.

The meeting opened with a closed session before the six p.m. public hearing on a Special Use Permit to allow for an in-home day care facility on Rigel Road.    Mr. Lin Pope presented the Board with several reports from not only from the Planning Department, but also from the the Greensville County Water & Sewer Authority, VDOT, and the Virginia Health Department.  It was noted that Estelle Walker, the applicant, was already licensed for a day care facility for up to 12 children in her home.  Mr. Pope relayed to the Board that the Planning Commission recommended issuance of the Special Use Permit.

The only citizen to speak during the public hearing was Mrs. Walker, who said that she started this business "out of concern for the children," to teach them "what they need for school."  The Board passed the Special use permit before returning to regular session.

During the regular session the Board approved staff to apply for a $25,000 grant for public safety vehicles, increased the funding for the Coyote Bounty by $2500, approved an open bid sale of the lumber from the old dumpster sites and adopted a resolution against Senate Bill #154 allowing hunting on Sunday.  The meeting was adjourned and followed by a meeting of the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority.

The only item for discussion, beyond the consent agenda, was the Moores Ferry Road water project.  Moses A, Clements, Director of the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority advised the Board of the Preliminary Engineering Report from B&B Consultants.  Mr Clements outlined recommendations of B&B to be Converting the Community Water System already in place near the interchange of Interstate 95 and Moores Ferry Road (Exit 4) be modified to meet VDH requirements; the extension of the potable water system to serve an additional eight or nine single family homes in the area; and to increase capacity.  The cost of the project is estimated at $455,316.  It was noted in Mr. Clement's report to the Board that the increased revinue would not cover the debt service for the project, but added that the Authority has already identified a possible funding source and hope to have a commitment in the next 8-10 months.

Mr. Clements also noted that the Moores Ferry Road issues stemmed from possible problems at the quarry.  After the issues arose, the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy asked Vulcan to "self investigate."  The impartial ground water expert, paid for by Vulcan, found the company not at fault, citing mitigating circumstances in the area including multiple wells, low volume and poor water quality.  County owned wells in the area were not affected.  The Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy took months to review the report before agreeing with Vulcan's expert; allowing no opportunity for the residents of the area to be made whole.  The Water and Sewer Authority has taken steps to ensure that the area residents do have access to potable water.  Unfortunately the Authority and the residents will likely bear the brunt of the cost to extend water service to all affected.

Former Governor McDonnell to be Arraigned Friday

Governor and Mrs. McDonnell were formally indicted on 14 Federal charges Tuesday afternoon.

The 43 page indictment alleges the Governor McDonnell and his wife asked, multiple times, that Star Scientific CEO Johnnie R. Williams, Jr., for loans and gifts (including vacations, golf outings, clothes for both the Governor and Mrs. McDonnell, dresses and accessories for the wedding of the McDonnell’s daughter, and a $65,000 engraved Rolex for the Governor).  The gifts totaled more than $165,000.

In exchange for these extravagant gifts, it is alleged that Mr. Williams received special treatment from the Administration: “The Governor and the Office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia ("OGV") performed a wide range of official actions. Those actions included, among other things, appointing directors and key administrators of state departments, agencies, and boards; authorizing expenditures of certain grant funds; proposing a budget and overseeing the expenditure of state funds; conducting meetings and hosting events for the purposes of fostering Virginia business and economic development; directing other government officials to conduct such meetings and events; speaking at events in and outside Virginia about Virginia businesses and economic development; coordinating with state boards, commissions, and institutions, including universities, about uses of state labor and funding resources; and otherwise setting priorities and direction for the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

The charges returned by the Grand Jury include one count of Conspiracy to Commit Honest Service Wire Fraud, three counts of Honest Service Wire Fraud, one count of Conspiracy to Obtain Property under Color of Official Right, six counts of Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right, two counts of False Statements and one count of Obstruction of Official Proceeding. If found guilty the Former Governor and Mrs. McDonnell face fines and penalties in the millions and decades in prison.

Yesterday's indictment marks the first time in the history of the Commonwealth that a Former Governor has been formally charged with criminal activity.  Virginia prides itself on it's reputation for clean government.

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