Winter Storm Update and Road Clearing Schedule

Spreaders and plows are installed, checked for operation and vehicles topped off with fuels. Salt and calcium mix will be loaded in advance of the storm allowing crews to get the initial application under the snow, to prevent bonding. Clearing is done on a priority basis, Bridges and high volume streets cleared first (Main & Atlantic). Once the most heavily traveled streets and emergency routes are adequately clear, snow crews will move to less-traveled streets and subdivisions.

Bridges are likely to freeze first in this storm so we will be treating them first. Locations are Main St, Hicksford Ave, East Atlantic St and Sunnyside Rd.

Priority Snow Removal Routes                

It is the goal of the City to remove snow and ice from all city streets. Staffing and equipment limitations require the setting of priority routes. Recognizing that all streets with high traffic volume and emergency access demand the most immediate service, the following streets shall receive top priority for snow and ice removal:

First Priority

Main St., Atlantic St., Market Dr., Cloverleaf Dr., Dominion Dr., Commonwealth Blvd.

Emergency Routes

Valley St., Halifax St. (business), Baker St., Budd St (Police Dept), Virginia Ave., Fire Station (Driveways), GVRS (Driveways), Tall Oaks Dr. (WWTP), Wiggins Rd. (WTP),

Weaver Ave.

Industrial Routes

Sunnyside Rd., Industrial Dr., Reese St., Davis St., Mills Rd.

Second Priority

Halifax St., Southampton St. , Lee St., Hicksford Ave., Brunswick Ave., Laurel St., Lowground Rd., Brink Rd., Purdy Rd.

Third Priority

Satterfield Dr.,Lakeside Dr.,Walnut Dr., West End Dr.,Carroll St.,Park Ave.,Center St.,Tillar St.,Clay St., Jefferson St.,Peachtree St., Church St., Old Halifax Rd.

Snow and ice shall be removed from all remaining streets based on traffic volume as conditions, staff and equipment allow.

Once Snow and Ice Begin to Accumulate, Residents are Advised to Travel Only of it is Absolutely Necessary.

The City of Emporia will run the Normal Sanitation (Garbage) Route on Thursday.

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Bill Seeks Compensation for Dog-Ravaged Livestock

By Jessi Gower, Capital News Service

RICHMOND -- Livestock and poultry owners in rural areas of Virginia may find some solace in the coming weeks if Senate passes House Bill 54, which guarantees monetary compensation for owners whose livestock and poultry that have been killed or injured by dogs.

Virginia is currently home to more than 46,000 farms and a large percentage of those farms house livestock of some form.  According to Dr. Dan Kovich, program director for the Office of Animal Care and Health Policy, there is currently no statewide recording mechanism for the number of livestock or poultry killed on these farms by dogs each year … but that does not mean these incidents are not occurring.

Mike and Dianne Taylor own and operate Empress Farm in Hanover, which raises free-range poultry to sell at local markets.  Dianne Taylor says she and her husband have had several incidents in which their turkeys and chickens have either disappeared or were found maimed.

The livestock owners eventually caught a neighbor’s dog in the act, but the couple was not pleased with the legal options available to them upon reporting the losses.

“The game lawyers said there wasn’t a whole lot that they could do,” Dianne Taylor said.  “We could take them (the neighbors) to court, but you know, there’s a lot of hassle in that.”

If passed, HB54 will ensure the Taylors and other rural Virginians receive the reparation upon any future dog attacks on livestock and poultry; even if the livestock owners do not know who owns the dog.

According to the bill’s chief patron, Delegate Keith Hodges, R-Urbanna, the funds for the compensation will come from collections of dog and cat license taxes by the treasurer of each locality.  These taxes are put into a separate account made for the precise purpose of damaged livestock.       

“Certainly this bill can benefit producers who are suffering losses (of livestock or poultry),” Kovich said. “Especially when the owner of the dog can’t be found. They (owners) are still going to be compensated.”      

HB54 passed unanimously in the House earlier this week and is currently awaiting the Senate’s vote.

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Dr. John J. Cavan Recognized As Devoted, Innovative Leader By Virginia General Assembly

The General Assembly of Virginia recently commended Dr. John J. Cavan, President of Southside Virginia Community College, for his work helping student of the Commonwealth to build bright futures.  Dr. Cavan is retiring in 2014 after 32 years at the helm of SVCC.

Senate Joint Resolution Number 92 was agreed to by the Senate and House of Delegates on January 14, 2014.  It recognized Dr. Cavan as a devoted, forward-thinking leader in higher education.  The resolution states that “due in large part to John Cavan’s dedicated leadership, Southside Virginia Community College has one of the best served and largest service areas in the Commonwealth.”

Dr.  Cavan began his presidency at SVCC in 1983 with a goal of moving the college into the 21st Century.  Dr. Cavan never forgot his roots and made a commitment to serve the under-served community and build a strong tradition of education for the region that he has come to love.               

A graduate of Nicholls State University, he received his master’s degrees from Kean University and Yeshiva University.  He also completed the Ed.S. and Ed.D. from Yeshiva’s Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and has completed postdoctoral study at Harvard University.

Dr. Cavan held numerous administrative positions at Atlantic Community College in Mays Landing, New Jersey and Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, New York.  He has taught in the graduate school of George Mason University, George Washington University and Yeshiva University and been a guest lecturer at the Center for International Leadership in New York City. 

Growth of centers offering college courses has been initiated by Dr. Cavan during his tenure with him promising to “take the college to the people at any place and any time.”  The college has two campuses, and many permanent centers.

An avid basketball player, he has been named to two college basketball halls of fame and the athletic hall of fame for Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Cavan is as persistent in his athletic endeavors as he is in providing quality education to Southside Virginians.  A marathon runner, he has completed a total of 120 marathons including 18 Boston Marathons and 29 New York City Marathons. 

Cavan has devoted his life to education and athleticism. 

“With his vision, determination and professionalism, Dr. John Cavan leaves a legacy of excellence to SVCC and community college presidents throughout the Commonwealth,” the resolution reads.

Senator Louise Lucas presented the resolution to Dr. Cavan.

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