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Emporia YMCA Preschoolers enjoyed visits from "Celebrity Readers" during Dr. Seuss Week.


Main Street United Methodist Church Dedicates New Organ, Kitchen

The first Sunday of Lent 2014. March 9, saw the dedication of a new Church Organ and a newly remodeled kitchen at Main Street United Methodist Church. 

The new organ is an Allen electronic organ that is 30 years newer than the previous organ and was a gift from the Pope family of Southampton County.  The organ, which has actually been in place for many months, was formally presented to the congregation by George E. Morrison III, chairman of the Worship Committee.  Morrison began his presentation by saying that “God is not always where you want Him, but God is always where you need Him.”

Morrison also pointed out that he could see the faces of the congregation and the looks of surprise as everyone heard Randy Hudson play the new organ for the first time.  “I saw you turning and looking to where you had never heard those bass notes before; those bass notes that shake the pews,” indicating the new antiphonal speakers.

The old organ, one of the Allen Organ Company’s first electronic models, had been in place for nearly 50 years, and finding parts had become difficult.  It was shared that there were many stops and keys that had quit working entirely and that a brand new organ would cost well over $50,000. 

At the same time the old organ was becoming more and more temperamental, Will Robinson, a member of the Church, overheard a conversation about a family who had an organ that needed a new home.  The organ in question was in a house and Southampton County, and belonged to an organist at another Church.  It was that chance conversation that led the Pope family to donate their late mother’s Allen organ to Main Street United Methodist Church.

The newer model Allen was used in the fellowship hall during opening exercises while funds were raised to pay for the new speakers required to use it in the Sanctuary.  Funds were raised through yard sales, bake sales and donations from organizations like the United Methodist Men.  It did not take long to raise the money to have several new speaker’s installed.

Morrison thanked the many people who helped get the organ into the church (which involved the removal of more than one door), the people who helped organize the yard sale and bake sale that helped raise funds and those that assisted with the final installation (which included the removal of a portion of the choir rail).  Morrison praised the craftsmen have removed the choir rail by challenging those present to find the spot where it was cut.  The Organist, Randy Hudson, was also thanked for his efforts in working around the problems with the old organ, which drew applause from those gathered, starting in the Choir.

After Morrison’s presentation, Johnny Morgan, the Lay Leader, lead the congregation in a responsive reading of Psalm 150.

After the reading, Mr. Randy Hudson played, quite beautifully, “Variations on a Theme from Symphony Number 1” by Johannes Brahms, which showcased the range of the new organ.

At the end of the service, Mr. Chet Boone presented the church with a newly remodeled kitchen.  In his presentation he stated that the kitchen remodel had begun as an idea in 2008 with a collection of the Easter offering.  He recognized each member of the kitchen renovation committee present, and every one of the contractors and craftsmen involved that were also in attendance.

While it was not a complete kitchen renovation, there is an entire wall of new cabinets, new wall ovens, a new range and a new cooktop.  The cabinets were all refaced and new granite countertops were installed.  The existing sinks were reused, but new faucets were added.  Finishing touches included a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new floor covering.

All those gathered were also invited to attend a meal, prepared in the newly renovated kitchen, immediately after the service.

Mr. George Moseley, Chairman of the Kitchen and Hospitality Committee, accepted the newly renovated kitchen with a responsive reading.




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