EGRA JV Renegades fall to the Nottoway Gators in Double Overtime.

On Saturday, September 20th, The  EGRA JV Renegades took on the Nottoway Gators at their Home Field.  Nottoway would win the toss and elect to kick off to Emporia.  Emporia’s Jayden White would return the ball back to the 46 Yard Line.  The Renegades first possession would be short lived in part to loss of yardage on a rushing play, a delay of game penalty and a dropped pass.  Nottoway would then have their first possession of the ball but with some strong defensive pressure and a False Start penalty they would turn the ball over.  The Renegades would see a 13 Yard Carry by Jayden White and Emari Brown had a carry that would help his team get another first down.   The First Quarter would end scoreless. The Gators would turn up the defense and would have the Renegades looking at 4th and 14 with a quarterback sack and a major loss of yardage, they would take over the ball on the 35 at the 6:10 mark.  At the 4:08 mark, Nottoway would be threatening to score looking at a first and goal on the 3.  An offside penalty on the Renegades would move the ball halfway to the goal line.  Nottoway would then have a false start penalty against them.  Looking at 3rd and 5 Nottoway would feel the defensive heat applied by Christopher Rodgers and Kamarja Hewett.    On 4th down Jayden White would intercept a pass.  With the Quarter coming to a close, Emporia would take over the ball on the 20 Yard Line.  Jayden White would have a 6 Yard Carry and he would also have a complete pass to Emari Brown who would carry the ball to the 40.  Emari Brown would have an 11 Yard Carry but the clock would run out on the next play and the Half would end scoreless. 

The Gators would receive the ball first to start off the second half,  but this possession would be short lived for they would turn the ball over to the Renegades with a fumble on 2nd down.  The Renegades would take over the ball on the 41.  On a second and 8, Jayden White would carry the ball to the 26, but the Gator Defense would once again shut down the Renegade Offense.  Nottoway would turn the ball over on downs on their next possession and the Third Quarter would end scoreless.  The Renegades would start the Fourth Quarter by returning the kickoff back to their 40.  They would follow this up with a first down .  Once again Nottoway would turn up the defense and force the Renegades to turn the ball over.  Nottoway wouldn’t make much progress on their next possession, and they would turn the ball over to Emporia with two seconds left in the game.  An incomplete pass by the Renegades would bring the Fourth Quarter to an end. 

In the first Overtime Nottoway would receive the ball first on the 10 Yard Line.  The Gators would score on a 3rd down to make it 6-0.  The Conversion attempt was foiled by the Renegades.  Emporia would either have to score in their next possession or go home.  After some strong Defensive pressure and penalties , the Renegades found themselves looking at 4th and goal from the 16, Jayden White would put it in the end zone for 6.  Emporia would be unsuccessful  with the conversion.  In the Second Overtime, Emporia would have the ball first , but would be unable to score.  Nottoway would score on 3rd down to make the score 12-6 in their favor.

This game was a hard fought game and brought an end to a 17 Game Winning Streak for the Renegades.  We would like to say Thank You for everyone’s support.  If you haven’t been to one of the games for any and all divisons for the EGRA we encourage you to do so.  Next Game will be at Greensville County High School starting at 4pm. 



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