Your Mission for this weekend,

should you choose to accept it:

The Riparian Woman’s Club is asking all residents and businesses in the City of Emporia and Greensville County to place a sign or picture of one of these three symbols on your door or window. The symbols are a Rainbow, Butterfly, or a Candle. These symbols all represent "hope."

We are asking the public to do this in support of our frontline workers and those families who have been affected by the coronavirus. We also wish to do this in support of each other.

So many people are suffering in so many different ways during this time of uncertainty and isolation. Hopefully, seeing these symbols will bring a smile to someone’s face. If so, then we have served our purpose well.

Email photos of your Symbols of Hope so that they may be shared with out of town readers who may need a pick-me-up from home...send them to

We're all in this together...

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Virginia’s Community Colleges and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium Breathe New Life into STEM Takes Flight Initiative

RICHMOND — Students pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields statewide will continue to have access to some of the best and brightest minds at NASA, thanks to an agreement between Virginia’s Community Colleges and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC).

The extended STEM Takes Flight at Virginia’s Community Colleges NASA Research Experience Program will provide a total of 23 students per year for 2017 and 2018, potentially one from each college, with a rigorous research experience at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton or NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Dr. Van Wilson, assistant vice chancellor for academic and student services for Virginia’s Community Colleges, describes the program as competitive and hands-on.

“NASA provides some of the best and brightest of their scientists to work side-by-side with these students. In addition to the technological component, the students also learn the importance of so-called soft skills like teamwork and communication.”

While NASA officials will ultimately determine which students are selected, Wilson says Virginia’s Community Colleges’ responsibility will be to solicit applications from talented and qualified students who are aligned with NASA’s mission and objectives.

Wilson adds that participating students will be involved in the same kind of problem-solving challenges NASA engineers face every day.

“Some of the things that these students are doing, it really is rocket science. It is a level of engagement in STEM that other students just don’t have the opportunity to do.”

TheSTEM Takes Flight at Virginia’s Community Colleges NASA Research Experience Program is designed to foster community college retention in STEM academic tracks through graduation with an associate degree or transfer to a four-year institution. It also embraces the VCCS goals of increasing access to affordable education and training in preparation for workforce success. The program is made possible by joint funding from the VCCS and the VSGC.

STEM Takes Flight at Virginia’s Community Colleges NASA Research Experience Program partners include: the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), NASA Langley Research Center and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Wallops Flight Facility.

The Virginia Space Grant Consortium is part of NASA’s Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. VSGC affiliate members include: Virginia Community College System; College of William and Mary, Hampton University, Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Wallops Flight Facility, Science Museum of Virginia, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, Virginia Department of Education, MathScience Innovation Center, Virginia Air and Space Center, and Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology.

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Thomas W. Meehan Elected to Jackson-Feild Home’s Foundation Board

Thomas W. Meehan, Sr. president and broker with CD West & Company in Newport News has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Jackson-Feild Homes Foundation.

Mr. Meehan, a native of Newport News, began his career in real estate in 1970 with C. D. West & Co. and is now the sole owner and president. The company provides oversight of apartment projects in Virginia and Georgia, and has developed 1,000+ residential lots in Virginia and South Carolina and built 300+ single family homes. Earlier in his career, Meehan was a real estate appraiser and has appraised more than 3,000 houses and over 75 commercial properties.

Mr. Meehan serves on the boards of the Hampton Roads Academy, Achievable Dream, and Boys & Girls Club of the Virginia Peninsula. He is a past director of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Commission and the American Cancer Society in Hampton Roads.

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