"Far North and Back"

The miles seemed guite endless
as I traveled in my car
yes eleven hundred and still counting
is well and deed quite far.
I went to visit with family
and also some close friends
now for this I  may be too old
but the want it never ends.
Now all seemed in the best of health
if you should consider age
yet I can't dwell upon this
for I'm on the same page.
Well these trips are now less frequent
and my doctor will intercede
he not only wants a reason for
but sometimes great must b e the need.
Spending time wisiting with family
is that how it should be
now up rhere they are quite close
but down here theres just me.
The next one is in the planning
yet I'm sure it is quite far off
yes I must build up my strength a bit
and somehow loose this cough!
Roy E. Schepp

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"Reading Takes you Everywhere" Continues at the Meherrin Regional Library

Have summer fun at the Meherrin Regional Library’s Summer Reading Program “Reading Takes You Everywhere”.

On Thursday, July 12, the YMCA of Emporia will host an Obstacle Course that will be sure to put the crowd in motion. Events will be held at the Brunswick County Library in Lawrenceville, VA at 10:30 AM and at the Richardson Memorial Library in Emporia, VA at 2:00 PM.

Monday, July 16th will feature Disney’s Ratatouille (rated G, 111 minutes). Ratatouille will be shown at the Brunswick County Library at 10:30 AM, snacks welcomed. The Richardson Memorial Library will have a showing at 2:00 PM, snacks will be provided during the show. Children under age 10 must be supervised.

On Thursday, July 19, the Virginia Cooperative Extension will demonstrate the role agriculture plays making cookies. Events will be held at the Brunswick County Library in Lawrenceville, VA at 10:30 AM and at the Richardson Memorial Library in Emporia, VA at 2:00 PM.

For more information about Summer Reading at the Library, please stop by or contact the Brunswick County Library at (434) 848-2418 x301, or Richardson Memorial Library at (434) 634-2539, or visit www.meherrinlib.org.


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Social Security, a Source of Independence for Millions

By Jacqueline Weisgarber, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Richmond, Virginia

On July 4, people in communities everywhere celebrate our nation’s independence with neighbors, family, and friends. A strong community promotes independence by helping each other lead full and productive lives.

Social Security has been helping people maintain a higher quality of life and a level of independence for over 80 years. Over those decades, we’ve made it even easier for you to access the programs and benefits you might need. Now, applying online is the fastest way to get those crucial benefits.

Here are some the types of benefits you can apply for:

Retirement or Spouse's Benefits– You must be at least 61 years and 9 months old andwant your benefits to start no more than four months in the future. Apply at www.socialsecurity.gov/retireonline.

  • Disability– You can apply online for disability benefits or continue an application you already started. Apply for Disability at www.socialsecurity.gov/disabilityonline.
  • Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs– Many people need assistance with the cost of medications. Apply for Extra Help at www.socialsecurity.gov/i1020.
  • Medicare– Medicare is a national health insurance program administered by the U.S. federal government that began in 1966. You can apply online or continue an application you already started  at www.socialsecurity.gov/retireonline.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)– SSIis a federal income program funded by general tax revenues designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people who have little or no income. You may be able to apply online if you meet certain requirements. See if you can apply online for SSI at www.socialsecurity.gov/benefits/ssi.

Social Security provides benefits for millions of people including wounded warriors and children, the chronically ill and the disabled who cannot work. Find the help you or your family need at www.socialsecurity.gov/benefits.

Don’t forget, our many online services can provide you and the ones you love with lifelong independence. From replacing a lost Social Security card to estimating your benefits, you can access these powerful tools at www.socialsecurity.gov/onlineservices.

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High School Juniors Experience Academy Life of a VSP Trainee

RICHMOND – Recently 49 high schools students from across the Commonwealth experienced life as a Virginia State Police trooper trainee. Today they became the 29th generation of the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program, which is co-sponsored by the Virginia State Police and The American Legion. At a ceremony held at the Virginia State Police Academy in North Chesterfield County, the teenagers were presented their graduation certificates Friday (June 29, 2018) afternoon.    

Photo courtesy of the Virginia State Police and is used with their permission

The 29th Session of the Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program began June 24, 2018. The week-long training curriculum is for high school students who have completed their junior year. Cadets experience a life similar to a trooper-in-training, complete with daily room inspections and instruction by state police troopers on Department operations, crime scene investigations, officer survival, undercover operations, driver improvement, scuba training, defensive tactics and firearms safety. The students even had the opportunity to meet with First Lady Pamela Northam and get a tour of the Executive Mansion and State Capitol.

As part of their training, the cadets also undergo a variety of physical agility exercises used in the Virginia State Police applicant testing process.

“This collaborative program is such an invaluable experience for those youth interested in pursuing a law enforcement career,” says Col. Gary T. Settle, Virginia State Police superintendent. “The training not only introduces them to the instruction, skillsets and discipline required of today’s public safety professional, but also provides a positive way for our Department to interact one-on-one with today’s youth.”

Cadet Zachary Everson of Bedford, Va., was selected for the Jessica J. Cheney Spirit Award. The annual award is presented in memory of Trooper Jessica J. Cheney who was the first cadet to graduate from the program and go on to become a trooper. Trooper Cheney died of injuries suffered Jan. 17, 1998, after being struck by a vehicle as she directed traffic at a crash scene on Route 1, north of Fredericksburg. The award is presented to the cadet who demonstrates the same motivation, drive and enthusiasm that Trooper Cheney displayed as a cadet.

Additional award recipients include:

Female Physical Fitness Award:  Cadet Cecelia Barnett of Gum Springs, Va.

Male Physical Fitness Award:  Cadet Jack Jenkins of Gloucester, Va.

Virginia State Trooper Counselor’s Award: Cadet Kolton Chapman of Virginia Beach, Va.


The American Legion selects and sponsors the students to represent the organization’s Virginia districts.


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