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RICHMOND – Colonel Gary T. Settle, Virginia State Police (VSP) Superintendent, today announced additional advancements involving Department leadership. Within recent weeks, two new directors have been named and three new deputy director positions have been added to each of the Department’s bureaus: Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS), Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and Bureau of Field Operations (BFO). The additions now afford each bureau to have one director supported by two deputy directors. In addition, a Support Services Division has been reinstated within BCI. The promotions and internal restructuring are part of the new superintendent’s goal to strengthen state police operations across all three bureaus, and enhance the many services and programs VSP provides Virginia residents and visitors.

“For 85 years, our Department has proudly and proficiently served the Commonwealth in all facets of public safety,” said Col. Settle, Virginia State Police Superintendent. “Sustaining a distinguished level of operational effectiveness and customer service in today’s high-tech, rapidly-evolving environment requires us to be even more administratively strategic and operationally proactive. These internal, leadership modifications strengthen state police to achieve such effectiveness, while also laying the groundwork for robust succession planning as we work towards the next 85 years of public safety and service.”

Effective June 10, 2018, was the promotion of Maj. Matthew D. Hanley to BFO director; and July 10, 2018, the advancement of Maj. Lenmuel S. Terry to director of the Office of Performance Management and Internal Controls (OPMIC).

The newly-created BFO deputy director position has been filled by former BFO Richmond Division commander, Capt. Steven L. Chumley. Property and Finance Division commander, Capt. F. Daniel Glick, has been promoted to the new BASS deputy director position. BCI Salem Division commander, Capt. Rex J. Taylor, has been promoted to the new BCI deputy director position. Effective Aug. 10, Capt. Todd M. Taylor of the Culpeper Division, will assume the BFO deputy director position vacated by Terry upon his promotion to lieutenant colonel.

The new Support Services Division (SSD) comprises the Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction (CCI) Unit, Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) program, Insurance Fraud Program (IFP), and Polygraph Unit.  Settle promoted former CCI leader and 29-year VSP veteran, Lt. Norman E. Gray Sr. (pictured above) to captain to serve as the new SSD commander.  Gray and the SSD are located at the VSP Administrative Headquarters in North Chesterfield, with troopers and special agents assigned throughout the Department’s seven BCI field offices. 

Effective June 25, 2018, was the promotion of Capt. Steven L. Chumley to the newly-created BFO deputy director position. Prior to his appointment to major last week, Chumley had served as the Richmond Division commander for the past 12 years. He joined state police in 1986 with his first assignment in the Chesapeake Division. Over the years, Chumley has served as a special agent with the Richmond BCI Drug Enforcement Section, sergeant in the Wytheville Division’s Dublin area office and first sergeant of the Chesapeake Division’s Waverly area office. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2004 and assigned to the Chesapeake BCI Field Office. Chumley has also served as the Department’s regional Special Olympics director for the past two years. Before joining VSP, he served with the U.S. Air Force and was an officer with the Norfolk Police Department. Chumley earned a master’s degree through the Naval Postgraduate School (Center for Homeland Defense and Security) in California and a bachelor’s degree from Bluefield, Va. College. The Cumberland Gap, Tenn., native is also a graduate of Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety School of Police Staff and Command.

The new, additional BASS deputy director position is being filled by Capt. F. Daniel Glick. He has served as the division commander for Property and Finance since 2016. Glick achieved the rank of captain in 2014 upon his promotion to commander of the Safety Division. During his tenure with VSP, Glick served as the Fairfax Division headquarters lieutenant for two years before transferring to Richmond to serve on the executive staff as the BFO staff lieutenant from 2010 to 2014.  He graduated from the VSP Academy in 1996 and was assigned to Greene County as a trooper. His advancement through the supervisory ranks has taken him to the Louisa County and Bristol area offices. Growing up in North Carolina, Glick served six years in the North Carolina National Guard and is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. He is also a graduate of the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ National Criminal Justice Command College.

Effective July 10, 2018, will be the promotion of Capt. Rex J. Taylor to the new, additional BCI deputy director position. Taylor joined VSP in 1993 with his first trooper assignments in the Culpeper Division’s Area 5 Fredericksburg and Culpeper County area offices. As a sergeant, Taylor was assigned to the Culpeper Division headquarters, again to the Fredericksburg area office and then the VSP Academy in Chesterfield County. He relocated to the Salem Division’s Covington area office with his promotion to first sergeant and then transferred to the BCI Salem Field Office’s Drug Enforcement Section. As lieutenant he returned to the BFO Culpeper Division headquarters, and then transferred to the Salem Division where he served as a lieutenant in both BFO and BCI. He was promoted to the rank of captain in 2017 and took command of the BCI Salem Field Office.  Taylor holds a master’s degree in criminal justice command leadership from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in criminology from East Tennessee State University. The Greeneville, Tenn., native is also a graduate of the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ National Criminal Justice Command College. Prior to joining VSP, Taylor served with the U.S. Army and served in its Criminal Investigation Division.

Crater Community Hospice Is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Father Thierry Hakpon to Our Team.

Crater Community Hospice is pleased to announce the addition of Father Thierry Hakpon as Hospice Spiritual Counselor. Father Hakpon brings more than twenty years of experience as a spiritual director, preacher, teacher and interpreter. He has a Master's Degree in Divinity from Catholic University of Yaounde and also holds Masters Degrees in Public Law and Criminal Justice. He has an incredible reputation in the community and is proficient in speaking French, English and several African languages. As Spiritual Counselor, Father Hakpon is an integral part of our interdisciplinary care team. He serves as the spiritual care manager to our patients and their families, offering spiritual and emotional support to those facing serious illness and end of life care. He will also provide care and support to our Crater Community Hospice staff family and will preside over community memorial services and other faith led programs.   Father Hakpon is excited to join the Crater Community Hospice team and stated:  "I was attracted by what this team is doing in the community. It's Amazing! I'm so proud to be part of the Crater Community Hospice family!" 

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -

                                                                                                                                                       -Henry Ford

Please help us in welcoming Father Thierry Hakpon to our Crater Community Hospice Team!

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