Calvin Richardson

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital Announces Team Member of the Year 2020



Scott Burnette, , Loretta Richardson, Donna Jarrell, Todd Howell gather to celebrate Calvin winning the VCU Health CMH 2020 Team Member of the Year

South Hill, VA (3/9/21) – This year marks the 20th anniversary for VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital awarding a Team Member of the Year!  The selection process involves a separate scoring criteria from the monthly recipients.

Calvin Richardson, a rehab tech, earned the 2020 Team Member of the Year. His wife, Loretta, surprised him at work for the special announcement. “I was in shock; I was completely surprised,” Calvin said, a normally private person. “I want to thank my family, my church family and all my friends for supporting me in this endeavor.”

Donna Jarrell, Rehab Director, said, “We are so excited that Calvin won this award. Calvin is a stellar team member who focuses daily on helping others and creating a positive environment. Calvin often says, ‘I want to make each patient smile and have a bright moment in their day.’”

He was initially chosen for the monthly award by doing something completely out of his normal role at the hospital. Having been employed at CMH in various roles over the past 36 years, he is well known by his coworkers as having a servant’s heart. He also serves as the primary pastor of Bibleway Church of Christ in Boydton, where he and Loretta reside. So it was providential that Calvin was in the right place at the right time. A patient was in need of a chaplain and Calvin was able to fill that role.

About 10 years into his tenure at the hospital working in housekeeping and security, a coworker suggested he apply for the rehab tech position. He received all the training he needed on the job and has been loving it ever since.

“I show people I care and I love them regardless of age, color or cultural backgrounds,” Calvin explained. He is a strong proponent of mentoring and has a passion to train up young men.

In his time off, which isn’t much between two full-time jobs, he understands the value of rest. He also enjoys cutting grass. He has two nieces he loves dearly; Ceira is 24 and is a government contractor, and Bria is 22 and earning a master’s degree in health science at Emory University in Atlanta.

Calvin was recognized with a lapel pin, an award, a $200 hotel voucher and $300 spending money to take a trip to a destination of his choice. He and Loretta are planning to celebrate their upcoming 12th wedding anniversary at Virginia Beach.

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