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CornerStone Market

Save on Gasoline at CornerStone Market BP -TODAY!

CornerStone Market BP - #1 BP Rewards Site in the USA

EMPORIA, VA. — BP North America just announced the #1 BP Rewards site in the USA and it is right here in Emporia – CornerStone Market BP and Subway.  The award was based on average registrations per month in 2016.   CornerStone Market BP and Subway is located at 501 W. Atlantic Street is the brainchild of Slate and Spivey of Emporia and Little Oil Company of Richmond.  Both companies are third generation family businesses who both diversified with the partnership at CornerStone as neither have been in the c-store or fast food business in the last 20 years.    For the year, CornerStone Market BP averaged 64 BP Rewards registrations per month with most all registrations by our residents of Emporia/Greensville.  Year-to-date registrations topped 384 by Dec. 31 saving thousands of dollars for the reward users. 

To continue the momentum from 2016, CornerStone Market BP will be having a BP Rewards Registration Event at the store this Friday, March 31st from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with big savings for all who participate.  There will be employees at the dispensers explaining the promotion and giving immediate savings on gas to lower your price to under $1.8990 if you buy a minimum of 12 gallons.  An additional employee will be registering people in the store to help save you the time and effort of registering at home.  The registration takes less than a minute providing ongoing savings through BP Rewards on each fill-up.  CornerStone Market BP hopes to break their one day record for registrations with this promotion with new enrollments and re-enrolling current BP Rewards members.  The goal for the day is to save locals over $1,000 or more in gas or diesel on Friday.



“We are so pleased that our community has embraced saving 15¢-40¢ off the pump price on each fill-up depending on the specific purchase of the Reward user” says Clint Slate, one of the CornerStone owners.  “With an average purchase of 12 gallons of gas or diesel purchased, the average savings is 19¢ per gallon on each fill-up for a period of 90 days during the introductory period.  For people driving large vehicles that take 20 gallons on a fill-up, customers can save up to 38¢ per gallon on a maximum fill-up of 20 gallons.  That is not 38¢ off the purchase but 38¢ off PER GALLON giving a 20-gallon fill-up savings of $7.60 on one fill-up.  Once the introductory period is up, there will always be 10¢ a gallon for each $100 purchased.  As one customer said, “I can get a free Subway sandwich with my savings on each fill-up.”

During the month of December alone, 28% of all the fuel gallons sold at CornerStone Market BP were purchased by members of the BP Rewards program.  When asked what this milestone tells customers about CornerStone Market BP, Barry Grizzard Sales Manager of Little Oil Company says, "It proves that we put our customers first in trying to save them money on every trip to CornerStone Market BP, and that we will give the best customer service to all of our valued customers by providing the BP Rewards program and the ease to get into it." he explained.

The store's enrollment process for the rewards program is what sets it apart, Grizzard believes.  While any customer can go online and register for the BP Rewards program, CornerStone Market BP employees have personally enrolled every interested customer as asked via the store's computer as led by store manager Teresa Simmons. The registration is tied to a customer's phone number, which is given at the time of enrollment so another loyalty card is not needed.  "The personal touch with [enrollment] is the No. 1 way this program has been successful and led to us being #1 in the country," Grizzard says.  "Many people have the best intentions to enroll at a later time, but getting it done on the spot is the best way to get it done."

Monthly, CornerStone Market lines up employees and places them at the fuel pumps for a big event for the personal explanation of the program.  While at the pumps, employees engage with customers and ask for permission to help save them money on their fuel purchase that day.  With customers' consent, employees use a preprogrammed demo BP Rewards loyalty number to offer an on-the-spot discount for their fill-up without a prior purchase needed.  The discount can be any number of cents off per gallon based on the prior customer’s purchase.  These savings average 25¢ per gallon.  While filling up, employees take those few minutes to explain the BP Rewards program and encourage the customer to enroll.  If he or she would like to enroll, all they have to do is provide a personal phone number or 10-digit number to tie to their account for instant enrollment.  Employees then engage with the next customer and reset the preprogrammed BP Rewards loyalty number which gives out a different cents-off-per-gallon discount each time during the promotion.

Under the BP Rewards program, CornerStone Market BP Rewards members can:

  • Apply rewards toward purchases of up to 20 gallons per fill-up;
  • Use any form of payment to take advantage of the BP Rewards savings - a corporate or consumer credit card, debit card, or use with cash in-store to pay for the product all work;
  • Share their BP Rewards number with more than one person if the customer wants;
  • Even after the 90-day introductory promotion period, there will always be a rewards on every purchase but re-enrollment will extend the 90 day promotion period.

When members use a fuel dispenser at CornerStone Market BP, the screen prompts them with their current rewards balance and asks if they would like to use their accrued rewards now or later.  "The reason for this is you would like to maximize your purchase to get as many of the 20 gallons allowed under the program with the current fill, or postpone your rewards to another fill while continuing to grow the rewards on each fill," Chris Slate, an owner explains.   "Some people like to keep earning rewards until a fill-up only costs 1¢ per gallon for up to 20 gallons."

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Emporia Celebrates CornerStone Market BP and Subway with State and National Recognition

CornerStone Market BP and Subway is now the #1 BP Rewards site in Virginia and #10 in the entire United States for 2016.  This is even more surprising when other BPs in the country have been operating for 11 months while CornerStone Market BP has only been opened 5 months.

“Our dedication to getting these extra savings to our customers has led us to this nice accomplishment,” said Teresa Simmons, Store Manager.

For an average customer who buys $25 of gas or diesel on a fill-up, the BP Rewards offer will provide a great savings of approximately 22¢ per gallon on the next purchase of 20 gallons or less.  This equates to $2.63 in total savings on one fill-up.  The program is really this simple and it packs a great introductory Reward for 90 days with an ongoing Reward of 10¢ for each $100 in gas or diesel purchases.

BP Rewards is a loyalty program that can be used with any credit or debit card and even with cash purchases.   Instead of keeping up with a BP Rewards card, your phone number can be used to access your rewards directly on the dispenser.

Barry Grizzard of Little Oil Company says “It is the greatest Major Oil Company sales promotion that I have ever seen in my 37 years in the industry and that is why CornerStone Market BP and Subway and its employees are saving local customers money one customer at a time.”

To become eligible for the promotion, you need to be registered online on or before 12.31.16.  The employees at CornerStone Market BP and Subway will be glad to help you with this registration if you just send us a valid phone number to use to access your BP Rewards.  Email your phone number to emporiacornerstone@gmail.comand you will be set-up with a return email to confirm the set-up.

CornerStone Market BP employees will assist you by taking you out to the dispenser and showing you how easy the program is to operate and to save you money on future purchases.

Below is a photo of a customer getting 20 gallons of gas for a total purchase of $2.18 with a price per gallon of 10.9¢.  You can be getting gas for 10.9¢ if you get on the Rewards program and you start saving up your Rewards.

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CornerStone Market Celebrates Two Day Grand Opening Event

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week CornerStone Market and CornerStone Subway celebrated their official Grand Opening.

In addition to $3000 worth of Door Prizes that included a new gas grill and 42 inch television, there was a prize wheel, free hot dogs, free Hunt Brother's Pizza, free energy shot samples and samples of Razzle Ice cream.

Hundreds of people received discounts of their gasoline purchase; one customer received 22 cents off per gallon. The maximum discount was 50 cents.

Below are photos of the event.

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Subway Holds Sub Cutting




On Friday, CornerStone Market BP and Subway had its Ribbon Cutting with the Emporia Chamber of Commerce but in celebration of the business, it was actually a Sub Cutting.  A string of 12 subs was assembled for the home baked Sub Cutting.  Following the cutting, CornerStone Market BP and Subway hosted a reception for the Chamber representatives and guests.

This week the attention of CornerStone Market BP and Subway will be the two Grand Opening events scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, October 5th and 6thCornerStone Subway will be hosting the first event on Wednesday with CornerStone Market BP hosting on Thursday.  During the Wednesday Subway Grand Opening, everyone will be able to purchase a $5 Footlong Sub from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM (Limit one per person).  Also with any purchase, you will get a free fresh baked cookie.  “We are glad to celebrate having Subway back in our community and our Grand Opening is a special thank you for the overwhelming support since our opening,” said Jill Slate, CornerStone Subway owner.

In celebration of both events, there will be a Grand Opening Registration on Wednesday and Thursday that will include but not limited to:

  • 48” LED Samsung TV
  • Monster Energy Drone
  • Ray Ban Sunglasses
  • Rockzilla Monster Truck
  • LP Gas Grill
  • Grizzly Cooler
  • BP Gift Cards
  • $50 Outback Gift Card
  • Sundrop Wireless Speaker
  • Gift Basket

One registration per person for these prizes can be made in the CornerStone Market BP.  You do not need to be present to win. 

Also on Wednesday, CornerStone associates will be at the dispensers showing each customer how to IMMEDIATELY SAVE UP TO 50¢ PER GALLON on their gas or diesel purchase and how to register going forward for the BP Rewards program.  For the first 90 days on the BP Rewards program, you will average saving 24¢ per gallon for each $32 spent on gas or diesel.   That is almost $3.00 off each transaction of 12 gallons.  After 90 days, the BP program offering will be 10¢ for every $100 purchased ongoing.  The BP Rewards program is the largest major oil company promotion over the last 30 years and to get registered, you need to come by in October and see the staff.  To make this very simple, on Thursday, there will be onsite registrations being done by the CornerStone staff.

CornerStone Market BP was recently recognized by BP for the most new BP Rewards registrations in a week in the state of Virginia.  CornerStone Market BP will be celebrating this event on Wednesday and Thursday by breaking their current registration record.  Come be part of history and enjoy the fuel savings every day.

CornerStone Market BP and Subway will continue the Grand Opening festivities on Thursday with a number of specials starting at 10:00 AM and going until 5:00 PM:

  • On Wednesday and Thursday, everyone will be able to win up to 50¢ per gallon on their gas and diesel purchases.  Our CornerStone staff will be helping you with your savings.
  • Something new on Thursday will be onsite live BP Rewards registrations done by CornerStone staff.  Getting set-up with your own loyalty number will take less than a minute.
  • Everyone will get a complimentary (Limit one per person while supplies last):

o   Grilled Hot dog

o   Slice of Hunt Brothers pizza

o   Soft serve Ice Cream samples

  • All soft serve ice cream, Razzles and milk shakes are BOGO for the day.  Milk shakes are a new addition to the soft serve and Razzle program.  The soft serve ice cream comes in 8 tasty flavors.
  • Everyone will also get a complimentary spin on the SPIN-N-WIN wheel loaded with prizes.  Everyone is guaranteed to win a prize (one spin per person).
  • In the Grand Opening, over $3,000 in prizes and savings are available to the community as a Thank You for your overwhelming support of the CornerStone project.

CornerStone Market BP and Subway is located at 501 West Atlantic Street and is opened 24 hours a day.  It is a new local company owned by Clint Slate, Chris Slate, Billy Slate and Stratford Ward.  Clint, Chris and Billy Slate are the owners of Slate and Spivey Inc., a third generation family owned general contractor.  Slate and Spivey was founded in 1944 and is the general contractor for this project.  The other partner, Stratford Ward, is the owner of Little Oil Company of Richmond, Virginia, a family business operated for 95 years.  Little Oil Company is a third generation oil distributor that supplies fuel to over 100 convenience store owners in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. 

CornerStone Market and Subway will be the Slates’ first venture into the c-store and fast food industry.  “We have owned these lots for years.  The lots have always had great potential for commercial development and we are glad that the timing has worked out to move forward with this project that will create additional jobs and tax base to the City of Emporia,” said Clint Slate.

Little Oil Company is currently celebrating their 95th year of business distributing fuel.  “It is very interesting that in our 95th year, we are venturing back into the retail side of the fuel industry, c-store and fast food that we have not done in more than 18 years,” said Barry Grizzard, Sales Manager of Little Oil Company.  Little Oil distributes BP, CITGO, EXXON, MOBIL, PURE and VALERO brands of gas and diesel fuel.

The West Atlantic street area is part of the Emporia Enterprise Zone that is currently being revitalized.  In this general area, many businesses have relocated to other sites or have closed.  The Enterprise Zone is a successful project of the City with recent improvements to the area.  Currently tourists coming off I-95 northbound currently go out to the bypass to be able to enter the City business area.  With the opening of CornerStone Market, a new traffic pattern will be forming as cars enter Emporia from West Atlantic Street.


Locals Save 10¢ to 50¢ on Gas and Diesel at CornerStone Market BP

On Tuesday, August 16th CornerStone Market BP (CSM) had an all-day promotion saving locals in Emporia hundreds of dollars on their gas and diesel purchases.  The promotion named Lucky 7’s was designed as a fun way to show customers how to save up to 50¢ per gallon on gas and diesel for every $100 spent on gas and diesel.  The term Lucky 7’s came from the chance for a bonus gift from CornerStone Market if a participant got a discount of 17¢, 27¢, 37¢ or 47¢.  Everyone was guaranteed to save a minimum of 10¢ per gallon on their purchase.

As one participant said “A 50¢ savings per gallon is a tremendous savings.  My purchase of 17 gallons at 32¢ per gallon in Reward discounts saved me $5.44.  I had enough left to go get a Subway sandwich for free with the savings.”


89 participants received immediate savings of 10¢ to 50¢ per gallon on Tuesday.  The average savings dropped the already low price of $1.8890 down to $1.6970 with the ultimate prize savings down to the price of $1.3890.  When has Emporia seen prices for gas at $1.3890?  It can happen immediately for you if purchase $100 in gas or diesel with the pump price at $1.8890.  It is that simple.

Due to the great success of the Lucky 7’s promo last week, CornerStone Market will be running it again on Thursday, August 25th from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Besides the 50¢ per gallon in Rewards through the Rewards Program, every person can get an additional 20¢ per gallon if they purchase their gas or diesel with the BP MasterCard under the new credit card promotion (credit card approval is required by BP).  When using the two promotions together, every person can save 70¢ per gallon for 90 days and 30¢ per gallon for the rest of the year.  The BP MasterCard promotion requires all particpating accounts to be approved by August 31st.  The 20¢ per gallon will run for a year from getting the BP MasterCard set-up.

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CornerStone Subway Opened Saturday

CornerStone Subway at 501 West Atlantic Street in Emporia opened for business at noon on Saturday.

CornerStone Subway is owned by Jill Slate and Stratford Ward.

Local businessman, Ed Conner, is the manager of CornerStone Subway.

CornerStone Subway is the final part of the master plan for CornerStone Market BP and CornerStone Subway.

The site will be open 24 hours a day.

The phone number for CornerStone Subway is 434-634-1186.

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Hunt Brothers® Pizza Now Open In Emporia, Virginia

 New CornerStone Market convenience store is open, serves fresh pizza to Emporia residents

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (July 22, 2016)– Hunt Brothers Pizza, the nation’s largest brand of made-to-order pizza in the convenience store industry, is pleased to announce it has opened its first Emporia, Virginia, location. Serving fresh pizza and more to local Emporia residents, Hunt Brothers Pizza is available at the new 24-hour CornerStone Market BP convenience store.

The Hunt Brothers Pizza at CornerStone Market offers a wide variety of hot, fresh products, including original and thin crust pizzas with up to 10 toppings for no extra charge, Breakfast Pizza, Wings, WingBites® and its latest menu item, Cheesebread and Marinara Dipping Sauce. Throughout the year, Hunt Brothers Pizza also introduces specialty flavors, like Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, that are only available for a limited time.

Made with quality ingredients and offering meals and snacks for all parts of the day, Hunt Brothers Pizza is the perfect solution for an easy dinner during the workweek or for a quick bite to eat as residents of Emporia travel through town.


“We are excited to introduce Hunt Brothers Pizza to Emporia and pleased to offer the community a new, local convenience store with food options to serve their needs,” said Alan Cooke, District Manager of Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc., a distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza. “There is much to look forward to as we welcome this new location to the Hunt Brothers Pizza family. Above all, we are eager to begin serving the community with delicious pizza.”

Emporia residents can expect a grand opening celebration toward the end of the summer with free Hunt Brothers Pizza samples and more once Subway is open for business.

Hunt Brothers Pizza is a family owned and operated business that is very much grounded in faith. The company is dedicated to running the organization according to its Guiding Principles: Place God first in all we do, Be a blessing to people, Trust God to meet our needs, Strive for excellence.

CornerStone Market is a new company owned by Clint Slate, Chris Slate, Billy Slate and Stratford Ward.  Clint, Chris and Billy Slate are the owners of Slate and Spivey Inc., a third generation family owned general contractor.  Slate and Spivey was founded in 1944 and is the general contractor for this project.  The other partner, Stratford Ward, is the owner of Little Oil Company of Richmond, Virginia, a family business operated for 95 years.  Little Oil Company is a third generation oil distributor that supplies fuel to over 100 convenience store owners in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  Jill Slate and Stratford Ward, owners of CornerStone Subway are planning for the Subway opening later in the summer.

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CornerStone Market Ready For Business

Employees of the new CornerStone Market at 501 West Atlantic Street in Emporia.  Left to right: Assistant Manager Dakota Wilson, Melissa Whisenant, Angela Boyce, Sherika Broadnax, Kayla Simmons and Manager Theresa Simmons.

CornerStone Market is open and ready for business.  The market includes a Convenience Store, Gasoline and Diesel Pumps, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Hunt Brothers Pizza and (opening soon) a Subway.  Starting on Friday the market will be open 24 Hours.

As a treat for Emporia News readers, CornerStone Market is offering Buy One Get One Free Corner Cones.  Click on the coupon below or this link for a printable version of the coupon.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at CornerStone Market with Buy One Get One Free Ice Cream Cones on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

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