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Doggie Fashion Show Marks 15th Anniversary of the Emporia Greensville Humane Society

They come every year.

Every May Golden Leaf commons is filled with celebrities – movie stars, rock stars, and super heroes.

Elvis was here one year. Batman and Superman have been here, too.

It’s not an invasion, though, just time for the Doggie Fashion Show. The best part is that there is still time for you go get your tickets.

The Doggie Fashion Show and Luncheon is the premier fund-raiser for the Emporia Greensville Humane Society, and this year marks the 11th time that the show has been presented.  According to Peggy Malone, the money raised by the Doggie Fashion Show “goes to benefit the animals.  The Doggie Show has made it possible to continue to do our work for the animals.”

The other fundraiser for the organization is a Boston Butt Sale each year.

It has been 15 years since the need for additional services for animals in need of rescue and forever homes was addressed. The Emporia Greensville Humane Society started with a cattery for stray cats and moved soon included a shelter for dogs.

Since their founding the Emporia Greensville Humane Society has saved and adopted over 900 dogs and cats and one rabbit. They were the first rescue group in this area. When the group started 15 years ago animals were not saved instead they were euthanized in the shelters. The Emporia Greensville Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, and while some animals are still are euthanized that number is significantly lower than it once was.

The Emporia Greensville Humane Society claims responsibility for having the gas chamber removed from the shelter from animal shelter then shared by the City and County.

From the group’s Facebook page: “I am very proud of the changes that EGHS has brought forward for the animals in our area. We need your support to continue our work.” For information call or to donate or adopt the newest member of your family, call (434)634-3413.

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Rose Allen Crowned "Best in Show" at 10th Doggie Fashion Show


Second Runner-up and winner of the Large Breed Group - Luna Taylor owned by Chelsea Taylor is a 5 pound black and white Black Lab Mix weighing 60 pounds. She enjoys tugging on her favorite rope toy, napping and swimming, and performing for treats - she knows how to sit. She loves getting belly-rubs.

First Runner-up and winner of the Small Breed Group - Bailey Baker owned by Natalie Baker is a white and black Malshie (a mix between a Maltese and Shih Tzu) and weighs 13 pounds. Bailey loves meeting new people (and having them pick her up), the beach, playing in the sand and riding in the car with her mom.

Best In Show and winner of the Medium Breed Group - Rose Allen owned by Aimee Allen is a red-coated English Bulldog. Rose weighs 43 pounds and is the baby of the family. rose loves to cuddle and be held, going to work with her mom and treats.

Other winners, not pictured, include:

Best Costume - Lucy Pitt owned by Ashley and Dane Pitt.

Best Look Alike - Chevy Watson owned by Nancy Whatson.

Best Personallity - Vanna White Allen owned by Aimee Allen

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Bandit Steals “Best in Show”

There were 21 fiercely adorable competitors at the Seventh Annual Doggie Fashion Show and Luncheon on Saturday, but there could only be one “Best-in-Show.”

Best-In-Show Bandit Day

This year’s “Best-in-Show” was Bandit Day, a two year old Australian Cattle Dog (AKA Blue Healer) owned and shown by Debra Day.  Bandit is “Blue Roan” and weighs in at 40 pounds.  Bandit is a high energy dog and needed a job, so his family introduced him to fetching the ball as a puppy and it is now his life’s passion.  The breed is often called “Shadow Dogs,” since they are always at your side; Bandit lives up to this name and is always beside his mom.  One of his favorite things to do is go to Tractor Supply with his mom, where he knows he will be petted and treats will be waiting. Bandit was selected as the Best Medium Breed before going on to the big victory.




First and Second Runners-up Mitus (left) Crawford and Goldie Rumplik

The First Runner Up and Best Large Breed was Mitus Crawford, a two year old Dogo Argintine, owned by Megan Crawford and Travis Keeter. Mitus was shown by one of his owners, Megan.  Mitus weighs 80 pounds and was adopted by his family last June.  Mitus was also the rarest breed in this year’s show.  Mitus loves to chase deer and rabbit, but his favorite things are sleeping in the bed and cheese sticks.  Mitus Loves Cheese Sticks.  If you were to judge him by his size, you would likely expect him to be ruff and tuff, but he is just the opposite: gentle and sweet.

The second runner up and Best Small Breed was Goldie Rumplik, a Doxie mix owned and shown by Marlo Rumplik. Goldie is brown and white 2 year old and weighs 6 pounds.  Goldie likes to take naps and be with her mom and dad.  She also loves to cuddle and be loved.  Her favorite thing to do is stretch out with her hind feet behind her and sunbathe.  Goldie is a real show off when she wants attention.

Judging this year’s contestants were Matthew Gray, Lucy Metcalf, Michelle Wilson and Robin McVoy.  The show was, once again, emceed by Cleve “The Bull” Baker.

The Doggie Fashion Show is the largest fund raiser for the Emporia-Greensville Humane Society.  According to Peggy Malone, the money raised by the Doggie Fashion Show “goes to benefit the animals.  The Doggie Show has made it possible to continue to do our work for the animals.”

This year’s Doggie Fashion Show was dedicated to the memory of long time EGHS supporter and animal lover Eugene F. Rae, who passed earlier this year.

Major sponsors for this year’s show were Jones LTC Pharmacy, Parker Oil Company, Paws & Purrs, PetSense, Jon’s Glass, Davis Body Shop, Good Earth Peanut Company and Peggy B. Malone Insurance.

While this weekend’s event was the seventh annual, this month also marks the 12 year anniversary of the Emporia-Greensville Humane Society.

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Top Dog Crowned in Doggie Fashion Show

The Sixth Annual Doggie Fashion Show and Luncheon was held on Saturday, May 16.  A variety of costumed canines took Golden Leaf Commons by storm.

The event is the major fund raiser for the Emporia-Greensville Humane Society, bringing in $15,000 last year.  In addition, the event is great fun for all those involved, from the junior volunteers to the pets and their parents.

This year's judges had a tough task.  Eighteen dogs were judged in three groups (small, medium and large breeds).  This year's' judges were Matthew Grey, Virginia State Director for the Humane Society of the United States; Lucy Metcalf who has helped judge the show on four previous occassions; Michelle Wilson, a Professional Groomer at Roanoke Animal Hospital; Michelle Welch, Director of the Attorney General's new Animal Law Unit; and Julie Sokolowski, Treasurer of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies. Pictured above, front row (l-r) Matthew Grey and Michelle Welch; back row (l-r) Michelle Wilson, Lucy Metcalf and Julie Sokolowski.

This year 18 dogs competed for the Best in Show Trophy.  Among the other prizes were: Bucko Dunn for Best Costume, Snow Green for Most Challenged, Goldy Rumplik won Best Personality.

Daisy Phillips, owned by Trent and Lynn Phillips won the Best Large Breed (Daisy also won Best in Show in 2013).  Daisy s a true champion, she is a black and tan Doberman Pincer, she is 6 years old and weighs 56 pounds.  Daisy is a very loving dog, she loves attention and will often lay her head on your knee for you to rub her head; if she does not want you to stop, she will put her paw on your foot to let you know to stay.  She is also very protective of her yard and her surroundings.  Daisy's favorite thing is waiting for her Big Daddy to taker her to the country store on the golf cart for her daily Slim Jim.

Lucy Gupton, owned by Ashley Gupton, was judged to be the best medium breed.  Lucy is a black, brown and white Beagle mix who is 8 years old, weighing 38 pounds.  Lucy's favorite toy is her fox.  She loves to hunt and go for walks with her best friend Abbie.  She does not like to take baths, but what dog does?  Lucy loves her treats and time with her family. She is a very sweet little girl and loves to play with her red ball.

McCoy Phillips, owned by Lynn Phillips, won Best Small Breed and Best in Show.  McCoy is a black and tan Yorkshire Terrier, he is 8 years old and weighs 7 pounds.  McCoy is the ruler of the Phillips household.  He constantly wants to be held and loves to play with his toys.  He doesn't have a favorite toy, because every time you come home from shopping he shas to nose through all the bags to find a new one.  He loves Christmas, he will go through all the gift bags and pull out whatever is inside.  At dinner time, McCoy is the first one to the table, barking for whatever you are eating.  He is just one little guy you cannot help but love.

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Emporia Greensville Humane Society Doggie Fashion Show

The Empoira-Greensville Humane Society held their Fifth Annual Doggie Fashion Show and Luncheon on Saturday at Golden Leaf Commons. Below is a video of the Fashion Show portion of the day.

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Boston Butt Fund Raiser

The Emporia-Greensville Humane Society is now taking orders for their 9th Semi-Annual Boston Butt Fund Raiser to be held on March 7th & 8th.

Orders need to be placed in advance.  Call Peggy Bailey at 634-3413 to reserve your ticket today.

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