General Assembly

Virginia Sports Betting Bills Advance

Panel OKs Rules for Using ‘Dangerous’ Room Dividers at Schools

Northern Virginia Road Projects Get $1 Billion Investment

ERA Supporters to Protest Daily After Resolutions Killed in Va.

State Lawmakers Kill Legislation to Protect Student Journalists

Amid Protest, Legislators Announce 5% Pay Raise for Teachers

Senate OKs Bill to Boost IT Jobs in Southwest Virginia

Panel Kills Ban on Gender-Based Pricing at Dry Cleaners

Virginia Legislators Consider Letting Governors Seek Re-election

Panel OKs Bill Seeking Data on Solitary Confinement

Panel Wants Prisons to Modify Tampon Ban

Virginia Redistricting Amendment Advances to the Senate

Senate Panel Rejects Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling

Governor Calls Bipartisan Effort to Clean Coal Ash ‘Historic’

New Redistricting Maps Favor Democrats

Instead of Cooking Up Laws, Politicians Enjoy Stew

Panel OKs Qualifying Drug Offenders for Food Stamps

Panel OKs Bill to Move Virginia Away From Fossil Fuels

Bill Offering Tuition Refunds for Unhealthy Veterans Gets Revised

Senate Panel Kills Bill To Update Law For Same-Sex Parents

Panel Takes Step Toward Legalizing Casino Gambling

Senate Passes Bill To Address Virginia Food Deserts

Citizens Advocate for Gun Control from Both Sides at the Capitol

Senate Kills Bill to Raise Minimum Wage in a Party-Line Vote

Lobbying ‘Day of Action’ Brings Hundreds to Richmond

Virginia Senate committee votes to legalize guns in churches

School Safety Bills Are Up for Final Approval in House

Senate Votes to Repeal Racist "Jim Crow" Wage Law

Senate Agrees Not to Ask Job Applicants About Criminal History

Democratic-Socialist Lawmaker Wants to Repeal Right-to-Work Law


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