General Assembly

Bill Would Compensate ‘Norfolk Four’ Nearly $3.5 Million

Democrats Urge Republicans to Reconsider Gun Control Bills

Law Will Provide Free Tampons to Female Prisoners

Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities Heads to Senate Floor on 7-6 Vote

As College Tuition Rises, Senate Panel Kills Bill Mandating Public Input

Virginia Prisoners a Step Closer to Free Feminine Hygiene Products

Senate Panel Votes to Ban ‘Lunch Shaming’ in Virginia

Virginia Teenagers May Rescue Volunteer Fire Departments

Delegate Tyler Sponsors Bill to Protect Correctional Officers

Correctional Officers from across the Commonwealth gathered for a Press Conference and lobbying day on Capitol Hill in Richmond to Voice their concerns for increased salaries, improved working conditions and officer’s turnover along with Delegate Roslyn Tyler (Sussex) and Delegate John Bell (Loudon). Delegate Tyler’s District includes the following state correctional centers in Greensville County, Sussex I and II, Deerfield, Lunenburg and the private prison in Lawrenceville.  HB 1418 introduced by Delegate Tyler for the Creation of Procedural Guarantee Act for Correction Officers has passed the House of Delegate’s and has now crossed over to the Senate. Additionally, she was recently appointed to serve on the House of Appropriations, Sub-Committee on Public Safety which funding allocations are recommended for public safety officers including the state police, sheriffs, deputies, emergency services and state correctional officers.

In the budget released this week, the Correctional Officers are winners. The House of Appropriations budget includes a $1,100 salary adjustment in January 2019 and 2% increase in salary in July 2019 and 1% merit pay in July, 2019. This funding will increase the starting salaries of Correctional Officers to approximately $33,000. This is one giant step towards funding correction officers for the work they do in protecting our community from harm and danger.

The officers, Donald Baylor, the NCPSO representative and I have addressed this issue for a long time and we are pleased of our accomplishment. Our work is not over. The final budget has not been passed by the House and the Senate. The two budgets will be in conference before final passage for negotiations. Therefore, contact the House and Senate Conferee to maintain funding in the budget for final approval.  Please feel free to contact me in Richmond at 804 698-1075.


Two Bills May Save Babies’ Lives

Delegate Aims to Rein in ‘Predatory Loans,’ to No Avail

Citizen Groups Voice Concerns Over Medicaid Expansion

At Session’s Midpoint, Black Lawmakers Hail Success

House Panel Next to Consider Senate Coal Ash Legislation

New Law Would Bring Public Meetings into the Digital Age

After Shooting, Democrats and Republicans Mourn But Disagree Over Guns

​​Schools Still Need State’s OK to Open Before Labor Day

At Session’s Midpoint, 40% of Bills Are Still Alive

Virginia May Create Ombudsman to Help with Student Loans

High Schools May Offer American Sign Language As Foreign Language Credit

Bill Would Provide More Resources to Help Those With Spinal Cord Injuries

Young Lawmakers Form Group to Address Millennials’ Concerns

Proposals seek to spur growth in Virginia distillery industry

Senate OKs Raising Fuel Tax in Western Virginia to Improve I-81

Bipartisan Deal Will Raise Felony Theft Threshold

Fight against gerrymandering advances at Capitol

House Panels Reject LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Bills

Senate Bill Passes Quietly, Allowing Drunken Driving on Private Property

Nonpartisan Initiative Targets ‘Legalized Corruption’ In Virginia Politics

House OKs Limiting School Suspensions to 45 Days


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