General Assembly

Panel Nixes Using Cameras to Catch Speeders in School Zones

Tethering Bill Moves Forward From Senate.

House Considers Allowing Guns in Places of Worship

Virginia Likely to Expand Medical Marijuana

2 Rare Diseases May Be Added to Newborn Screenings

Experts Call for More Resources in Fighting Opioid Epidemic

Bipartisan Senate Committee OKs Anti-tethering Bill

House Panel Rejects ‘Net Neutrality’ Bill

House Panel Rejects Suicide Prevention Resolution

Bill to Remove ‘Tampon Tax’ Clears First Hurdle

From Home, Virginians Can Keep an Eye on Legislators

Advocates Will Seek Improvements in Mental Health Services

House OKs ‘Stop Gun Violence’ License Plate

Panel Won’t Remove Sales Tax on Gun Safes

Sexual Consent Remains Optional Topic for Family Life Education

House Passes Sexual Harassment Policy

Virginia House Democratic Delegates Promote Criminal Justice Reform Initiatives

Schools May Get Authority to Open Before Labor Day

GOP Lawmaker Wants Governor’s Support to Ban ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Women Call for Action to Help Black Community

Panel Kills Bill Giving Puerto Ricans In-State College Tuition

State Legislators Ask Congress to Improve Interstate 81

Year After Ruling, 1 in 6 Drivers Still Has Suspended License

Proposal Would Boost Suicide Prevention Efforts in Schools

Democrats Vow to Push for Gun Control Laws

Black Caucus, Bipartisan Group of Legislators Fighting ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’

House Committee Unanimously Kills ‘Netflix Tax’

Salamander Wriggling Its Way Into State Law

Republicans Kill Top-Priority Bills Sought by Women’s Advocates

Propelled by #MeToo, Groups Seek to Remove ‘Tampon Tax’


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