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Greensville County has retained Pearson’s Appraisal Service, Inc., to perform the 2020 General Reassessment of real estate, which will become effective January 1, 2020. The County currently performs real estate reassessment every 6 years. The Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, mandates that each locality periodically perform a general reassessment of real estate to determine each property’s fair market.

All associates of the reassessment team will be carrying a photo I.D. and County Reassessment signs will be displayed on their vehicles. Appraisers will be viewing dwellings and properties, as well as taking exterior pictures/measurements in order to determine fair market value. No reassessment staff will be entering any home. The ultimate goal is to get a good, accurate assessment of all real estate in the County.

Field assessments are expected to be completed by September 2019. Notices of the assessments will be mailed out to property owners in November 2019. These notices will also give the details on the method of appealing the proposed assessed values.

Property owners are encouraged to provide the appraisers with any additional information that may be helpful in assessing their property. To provide information, please call 540-480-6175.

The Honorable James C. Vaughan Recognized by Greensville County Board of Supervisors




WHEREAS, James Calvin Vaughan was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Garland Faison as a member of the Board of Supervisors representing Election District 1 on October 16, 1995; and,

WHEREAS, he previously had served over eight years as a member of the Greensville County Planning Commission and retired from the Greensville County Public School System; and,

WHEREAS, he was elected in November, 1995 as the representative on the Board of Supervisors from Election District 1 and served his first four year term beginning January, 1996; and

WHEREAS, he was re-elected for subsequent terms and served a total of 20 years as a member of the Greensville County Board of Supervisors; and.

WHEREAS, Mr. Vaughan was a conscientious and loyal representative for the citizens in his district; and,

WHEREAS, during his tenure on the Board, he was involved in many projects that made Greensville County a better place and improved the quality of life for all its citizens through educational opportunity and economic development; and'

WHEREAS, Mr. Vaughan always gave an honest opinion that was valued and appreciated by his fellow Board members;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Greensville County Board of Supervisors does hereby express their sincere appreciation to James C. Vaughan for the many years of dedicated services to the citizens of Greensville County.

During the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Monday, May 2, 2016, the portrait of Mr. Vaughan was unveiled, in the presence of his family.  After the meeting, the Board of Supervisors hosted a dinner in his honor.

(Editor's Note:  Thank You to Mr. Milton Garner for providing the photographs of the unveiling and the dinner.)


The Preliminary Engineering Report for the Moores Ferry Road Project was delivered to the Greensville Water and Sewer Authority in January of 2014.  The report, which was prepared by the Professional Engineering firm of B & B Consultants, Inc., examines the expansion of the Authority’s existing potable water system at Exit #4 on Interstate 95.

The Consulting Engineers determined that three different activities must be addressed in order to implement any moderate-to-large system expansion.  The issues that were examined and the PER recommendations are as follows:

  • Conversion to a Community Water System:  B&B determined that the existing water treatment system must be modified to meet the VA Department of Health’s Community Water System requirements.  The consultant evaluated two treatment options and selected Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) addition as the better alternative.  The B&B analysis also concluded that the HMO process had the lowest annual cost of operation.  The total cost for the equipment and installation is $81,225.
  • Potable Water Extension:  In order to serve the homes on the western side of I-95, the existing potable water system must be extended.  B&B analyzed this proposed project and determined that the extension cost will be $231,041.  The extension will serve 8 or 9 single family homes. 
  • Increased Capacity:  The existing potable system is served by two water wells, which are designated by VDH as Well #2 and Well #3.  Those wells currently handle the demand at the interchange and have a small amount of reserve capacity.  The excess well capacity could handle a small user at the interchange, but it could not accommodate the addition of the families on Moores Ferry Road or another major commercial customer.  Fortunately, the Authority has anticipated this demand and another well, which is designated as Well #4, has already been drilled and tested.  The PER estimates that the cost to place the new well into service will be $144,475.

The cost of implementing all three of the Consultant’s recommendations is $455,316.  This is a large expenditure and the proposed projects will not generate adequate revenue to fund the associated debt service.  Therefore, the Authority has taken formal action to prioritize the projects in the following order: (1) the addition of Well #4, (2) the conversion to a Community System, and (3) the extension of service to the residential area west of the Interchange

The Authority Staff has identified a possible funding source for the first phase of improvements and hopes to have a firm commitment on those monies in the next 6-8 months.

Additional information on this project can be obtained by contracting Moses A. Clements, Public Works/Assistant Authority Director at the Authority Offices, 1781 Greensville County Circle, Emporia, VA – 434-348-4213.

Mid-Atlantic Advanced Manufacturing Center receives two grants to expand Otterdam Road

The Virginia Tobacco Commission has awarded a fourth grant to the Mid-Atlantic Advanced Manufacturing Center (MAMaC) in excess of $4.4 million. The award, serving as a match to $3.3 million grant award from the Virginia Department of Transportation, completes funding for the expansion of Otterdam Road to serve the site from I-95. Greensville County, Mecklenburg County and the City of Emporia are partners in the Regional Industrial Facilities Authority created to support the site’s growth. The localities submitted a joint application to the Tobacco Commission for this funding opportunity.

Senator and Tobacco Commission Vice-Chair Frank Ruff stated,”The Tobacco Commission is very supportive of the regional effort that is being made in Greensville County toward the development of a first class mega site that will have the assets needed to attract a major employer.  In the last several years, Virginia had missed opportunities to recruit major companies because we were not ready with a site large enough to fulfill their needs. All of us believe MAMac will allow Virginia to compete."Otterdam Road, a two lane rural route, will serve as the gateway to MAMaC. Engineering for the road upgrades from Interstate 95 exit 13 to the northern portion of MAMaC is 90% complete. The Virginia Department of Transportation awarded a $508,000 grant to fund the engineering. This award was made through the Economic Development Access program. Construction will begin by summer 2014.

MAMaC is a 1,600 acre McCallum Sweeney Certified “Mega-Site” located in Greensville County just north of Emporia with direct access to the CSX mainline rail and approximately 1.3 miles of frontage along Interstate 95.  The development of this project will be transformational for the entire 60 mile radius surrounding the site. In correspondence to supporting county officials, Greensville County Administrator David Whittington said the MAMaC site is the only certified “mega-site” in Virginia, and one of only 10 in the U.S. He stated five other certified “mega-sites” across the country had already been sold, with each site averaging more than $1 billion in investment and creating on average more than 1,000 jobs.

Regional economic impact analysis indicates an economic benefit ranging from $2.8 billion and 2,487 permanent jobs for an advanced manufacturing center, to $3.7 billion and 3,297 permanent jobs for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) such as Toyota or Volkswagen.

The Tobacco Commission Mega Site grant program is a five part opportunity for communities to greatly advance the development of their large scale industrial sites. MAMaC is one of only four sites throughout the Tobacco Commission Region to receive funding through the program this year.

The Virginia Department of Transportation awarded the project $3.3 million through the Revenue Sharing program. The “Revenue Sharing Program” provides additional funding for use by a county to construct, reconstruct, improve or maintain the highway systems within such county. Locality funds are matched, dollar for dollar, with state funds. The Tobacco Commission award along with the Revenue Sharing award completes the $7.7 million balance for the road expansion.

Chairman of the Greensville County Board of Supervisors, Peggy Wiley, stated, “Without the generous support of the Tobacco Commission and the Virginia Department of Transportation MAMaC would continue to be a dream. The development of this site has already brought three localities and several state agencies together in partnership. Greensville County is excited about the additional opportunities a future client will bring to the community.”

To ensure MAMaC is developed effectively for a target client, a development team has been assembled. The team is comprised of representatives from partnering localities, service providers, marketing partners, workforce training providers and engineers. These representatives will assist in the development and marketing of MAMaC.

For more information, visit the MAMaC website at

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