Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Bonnie Hawkins E.W. Wyatt Middle School's Teacher of the Year

  • Photo of Bonnie Hawkins

     Mrs. Bonnie Hawkins began her teaching career in 2001 in Buffalo, New York.  She has devoted her talents to Greensville County Public Schools since 2008.  In her 19 years of teaching, Mrs. Hawkins has taught both special education and mathematics, currently serving as a 6th-grade math teacher at E.W. Wyatt Middle School.  She currently serves at the Math Department Chair and is on both the School Improvement Team and the Leadership Team, along with serving in other capacities. 

    Mrs. Hawkins said of herself, “As a teacher, I facilitate and encourage student learning through exploration of information and empowering student discovery. I hold high expectations for all students and help them create their own success and do their personal best. By doing so, students gain self-worth in a supportive environment that is welcoming and safe.”  Mrs. Hawkins believes that students learn in many different ways, and therefore, she uses a variety of strategies to provide learning experiences in her classroom.

    Teacher of the year

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